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A single dad, who’s in over his head, and an event planner running from her past, are drawn together on charming Bluestar Island by a determined seven-year-old and her escape-artist goat. Event planner, Charlotte “Aster” Smith, has fled the only life she has ever known. The situation has left her questioning her own judgment as she cautiously tries to create a new life for herself on Bluestar Island. Taking the job of event coordinator for the small town is a step in the right direction. The only problem is it’s currently a parttime position, but the mayor suggests with additional funding the position could transform into a full-time job. In the meantime, she needs a second job in order to stay financially afloat. Farmer and single father, Sam Bell, is struggling to keep his aging farm from going bankrupt while raising his young daughter. And now that his daughter’s babysitter is heading off to college, he needs help. So when he finds Aster is in need of work, he thinks his problems are solved. But things aren’t always what they seem. And he can’t help wondering what Aster is keeping from him. In the lingering rays of a Bluestar Island sunset, Sam and Aster find themselves dancing upon the sand. As they help each other heal, the possibility of a future together becomes tangible. But will the ghosts from their pasts extinguish this budding romance? 

My one-night stand is back and my world is spinning out of control. Life as a single, working mom isn’t always easy but I’m content. Then my boss abruptly decides to retire, appointing his sinfully sexy son as CEO and my new boss. Aidan Stone left town the day after we slept together and I hadn’t seen or heard from him since. Now I’m his personal assistant, forced to spend countless hours with him. Even though I’m still furious with him for leaving, I can’t stop staring at his chiseled jaw and naughty blue eyes. Talk about awkward. But I’m a professional and I can deal with it. Until he questions my daughter’s paternity then all bets are off…

What’s worse than getting divorced? Going to your ex-wife’s wedding—alone. I need more than just a fake date on my arm. I need her. She’s an itch I can’t scratch. This whole thing started without expectations. She’s my daughter’s teacher, after all. Hands. Off. But it’s Christmas. And the only gift I’m hoping for is more time with her. It might be snowing in other parts of the world, but here, it’s going to be such a hot Christmas.

Finding out that her dead husband had a mistress, drove home the fact that they were not the happy couple Savannah a/k/a Souvenir thought they were. What made it worse was that he was seeing the other woman before they even met. If her husband could screw a stripper named Sugar Plum for 15 years, she could screw an escort for Christmas. It was a fair trade, no? But sometimes things can go sexily wrong – or right. Getting a bit tipsy before your “date” might mess with your memory a little, and might just make you forget the hotel room number. Now what? She did what she did. But some secrets won’t stay buried. Now she must pick up the pieces of her dead husband betrayal. What will Savannah do when Kevin’s secrets are revealed? Will she regret delving into his past? Starting a new relationship is never easy, but circumstances threw her into the arms of Marcello. However, his bombshell will leave her shattered more than she cares to admit. What secret is Marcello hiding? Will their relationship move to the next level? 

Sleeping with my best friend’s dad is strictly forbidden. Especially when he’s your off-limits boss. Mr. Evans is a confident demigod with chiseled body and sultry eyes. When his daughter steals my boyfriend, he offers me time off from work at his vacation home. The power outage clouds any sense of judgment. The next thing I know our lips collide and I’m grinding on top of him. I try to remain professional back at work. But my struggle continues with provocation from his bratty daughter and my ex. Just before things go dire, Mr. Evans comes to the rescue. He not only protects me from all the emotional harassment, But also fulfills our growing lust for each other. Just when I thought I have room to breathe I discover I’m pregnant. I don’t know if Mr. Evans can rescue me this time from the threat of exposing what we’ve been up to.

Why is forbidden love the sweetest? When Kendra turns up at the Wild Riders MC compound looking for a job, I’m in agony. I’ve been in love with my best friend’s little sister since she waved us off for Iraq. I served with her brother. He’s my best friend, my MC brother, and my business partner. If I act on my feelings for Kendra, I’ll not only dishonor my best friend, I’ll also be banished from the club. But when a customer gets handsy with Kendra, my protective instincts kick in. I’ll fight who I have to to be with Kendra, whatever the price.

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