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A lonely soldier, a few interfering friends, and the mail-order bride contract they wheedle him into signing — just in time for Christmas! Elizabeth Byrd’s friends beg her to join them in Cowboy Creek as a mail-order bride. At first, the former battlefield nurse is scandalized by the idea of marrying a man she’s never met, but the war has taken everything from her — her brothers, too many friends to count, and her fiancé. There’s nothing left for her in Atlanta but more heartache. Seeking peace and solitude, Captain David Pemberton retreats to his hunting lodge in Texas the moment the war is over. However, the ranchers in Cowboy Creek don’t see fit to leave a widowed soldier alone during Christmas. Insisting he’s grieved long enough, they dare him to join them on a holiday venture to acquire wives for them all — a dare he accepts in a weak moment. He never dreamed he’d recognize the woman who steps off the stagecoach to claim his hand in marriage.

Ghosts. Werewolves. Psychics. Tigers. Angels.

A war against demons and a battle with fairies.

This is the complete Ashton Grove Werewolves collection, and includes books 1 – 10.

Maya: My first and only love Levi Woods has been off-limits ever since our parents got married. For three years, I’ve been struggling to crush this crush, and working and living beside my Norse god replica of a stepbrother, isn’t helping. I need to put some distance between us, even if it’s just after hours. So when I discover the perfect, scenic property nestled on the mountainside, I know it’s destined to be mine. But when disaster strikes the lodge, the brothers decide that selling the property ASAP can cover the renovations. The problem? I only have half the money. Desperate times call for desperate measures, but Levi’s determined to get in my way. Is he trying to crush my dreams and my crush once and for all? Or is he trying to make them both come true? Sometimes big stepbrothers really do know best. Levi just needs to convince his curvy woman that they can become a family in a different way.

A cowboy trying to get the woman of his dreams to fall in love with him before she figures out she’s been pranked into dating him… Lacey Perry wears the Miss Texas crown for being a champion of humanitarian causes. When she finds out that a small town cowboy is secretly sending supplies to her favorite orphanage in Dallas, she decides to thank him for his generosity: With a surprise visit… In person… On his birthday. It’s the kind of publicity stunt her social media followers are sure to love. Except she soon finds out it’s not the only stunt in play. Between a missed flight, too many mixed signals to count, and an unexpected attraction, does her visit with Emerson stand a chance at turning into a real relationship? Or will her followers rate it as her worst dating disaster yet?

Finding out that her dead husband had a mistress, drove home the fact that they were not the happy couple Savannah a/k/a Souvenir thought they were. What made it worse was that he was seeing the other woman before they even met. If her husband could screw a stripper named Sugar Plum for 15 years, she could screw an escort for Christmas. It was a fair trade, no? But sometimes things can go sexily wrong – or right. Getting a bit tipsy before your “date” might mess with your memory a little, and might just make you forget the hotel room number. Now what? She did what she did. But some secrets won’t stay buried. Now she must pick up the pieces of her dead husband betrayal. What will Savannah do when Kevin’s secrets are revealed? Will she regret delving into his past? Starting a new relationship is never easy, but circumstances threw her into the arms of Marcello. However, his bombshell will leave her shattered more than she cares to admit. What secret is Marcello hiding? Will their relationship move to the next level? 

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