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I hate Grayson Knight with a passion. Ever since he pulled a prank on me as kids, I’ve kept him in the mortal enemy category, and we both prefer it that way. Now we’re seniors in high school and he’s still the same immature jerk. I avoid him as much as possible, but when an argument turns ugly and lands us in detention together, I know my life is over—especially when my dad, the city’s police sergeant, finds out. I have no idea how we’ll get through this, so I’m surprised when Grayson comes to my rescue after I’m cornered by a sleazy basketball player. Suddenly, the boy I’ve always hated isn’t the enemy. If seeing him with new eyes isn’t confusing enough, a secret kiss sends everything scrambling, leaving me to figure out what I want, and if I can even have it. Because Grayson isn’t like other boys—and I’m starting to find out why.

Eight years of missed embraces burns hot when I return to the small town where it all started. I did all the things I left to do; got the degree, the internship, and The Job. Why did it feel so hollow? I always hoped I would see Trent again, but I never expected to find him licking his wounds back in town after a stint as a Navy SEAL. My aunt left me properties that I have to take possession of, but I realize they won’t be the only thing needing to be claimed. Trent insisted that I understand what eight years of bottled up steam feels like, delivered with military precision in one blazing, glorious night.

Magic flies when Emma butts heads with the rake next door. The devilishly handsome man that comes to the back garden daily is the infamous Duke of Kensington. The Duke tries to control Emma’s free spirit, but the spark of desire takes over her better judgment. He is the fuel to her fire, and she is the calm to his storm. Her sass and knack for putting people in their place are irresistibly seductive to him. Her parents desperately want her to marry, but she does not want to give up her freedom. The Duke must marry if he wants to inherit his father’s fortune. Determined not to let Emma go, he offers a quick and easy solution benefiting both parties: to be his wife for one year. But nothing can prepare them for the sea-tossed ride of emotions to come. Sparks fly, affections bind, and trust is tested. But all that matters is love… if their love is true.

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