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As the billionaire CEO of the Soulmates app, love was supposed to be my business – until it all turned to heartbreak, and my world crumbled beneath me. I rebuilt my life from scratch. And just when I thought I’d left it all behind, a shadowy organization resurfaced, forcing me into a sinister alliance. A wish granted in a dimension plagued by sickness, I met the solitary beacon of wakefulness – Ara Demask. As if by love at first sight, her tenacious spirit matched my own, drawing us towards an unlikely, yet powerful romance that defied the boundaries of space and time. Opposites attract, they say, but in our case, our connection was undeniable. But just when things seemed too good to be true, circumstances pulled us apart. And so began the ultimate test of our love – navigating the complexities of longing and sacrifice as we fought to save Ara’s people and uncover the truth behind our inter-dimensional odyssey.

Mr. Tattooed, Dark, and Grumpy was supposed to be a one night stand. So how the hell did I end up becoming the nanny… Dressed to kill in all black, Dropping bills like he owns the place. I’m glad I didn’t wear panties because they would be destroyed. A bit of fun was all I expected that night. End of story. Until I show up to the nanny interview, and it’s him. We clash like oil and water during the day. And ruin the sheets at night. He’s already got two sweet daughters of his own and would never settle down. So where does that leave me and MY baby bump…

I’m his nanny. He’s my off-limits billionaire boss. But for this hot alpha, I’ll break every rule. Singing dreams? Yeah, they’re on life support. So, guess who I’m nannying for? Giovanni Russo, Mr. Mobster—or so I thought. He’s almost twice my age, unbearable AF, and emotionally closed off. Pleasing him? Yeah, right. Olympic-level fail! If not for his sweet daughter, I would’ve quit on the spot. But when I uncover his tragic past, I see a hidden side of him. Now, I can’t ignore the sizzling chemistry crackling between us. Every touch, every glance from his smoldering eyes sets me ablaze. Giovanni is nothing like my exes. He’s a real man. Someone I can lean on. That is… until our tempers clash. And I need to leave before I get in too deep. The only problem with my plan? It’s too late. And these two lines come with a due date…

I can’t keep my hands off my best friend’s daughter. And I never thought I would get her pregnant… I‘m captivated by Scarlett Halls. An annoying mid-twenties law graduate and my late best friend’s daughter. I promised to protect and watch over her, but she is more than I’ve ever imagined. She’s intoxicating, intelligent, beautiful, and a force I can’t resist. Stolen glances and accidental touches fuel the flames of desire within me. Every interaction melts away the hate, replacing it with undeniable longing. But dark secrets swirl, threatening to destroy everything we’ve built. I can’t ignore her quest for the truth behind her father’s death. I fear that danger lurks in the shadows, Making it impossible to resist the fierce protectiveness that surges within me. I’m willing to give my life to ensure her safety, Especially now that I know she is carrying my baby.

Introducing the sexy and hot new Alpha Billionaire series from Bella Forbes, The Billionaire’s Commitment, available for the first time in a boxed set… Kyle McCain had the world at his feet. Thanks to his entrepreneurial drive and resourceful nature he had cultivated a hugely successful communications business that was on a fast track. He was making billions in revenue a year and his company was growing so fast that he had to expand on the national level just to keep up. It allowed him the luxury of a very comfortable lifestyle as he charmed his way through elite social circles of all kinds from the business world to real estate and even politics. He was living at the pinnacle of life which allowed him to enjoy the anonymity of casual relationships without the mess of romantic entanglements. Fate had other plans for him when a chance encounter on New Year’s Eve introduced him to Amanda Grayson, a young woman just starting out in life. She was twenty-four, just coming out of graduate school but wound up on the dangerous side of trouble. Finding herself in a real “damsel in distress” situation Amanda was unexpectedly rescued by Kyle who seemed to appear out of nowhere. From the minute he’d met her he’d wanted her though he tried denying it several times. What began as a one night stand turned into (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

When I decided to return to the town where I grew up, the rules were simple. 1. Find a job as a nanny. 2. Don’t fall for my boss. I was only successful at one of them. After a decade away in Europe, I arrived in my hometown for a fresh start. No more trailer park, no more judgment—just me and the opportunity to prove myself. I saw an ad seeking a nanny for the child of Noah Williams, my best friend’s older brother. Did I mention that he’s the man I once had an affair with despite our age gap? Now, it seems he’s just a grumpy single dad in need of help. And caring for children is what I do best. Noah was hesitant when he saw it was me, but he gave me a chance to be his little girl’s nanny, unexpectedly causing us to become closer. When Noah and I finally decide to pursue a real relationship, things get complicated, and priorities are put to the test.

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