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Ashton is trying to start fresh by leaving her old life behind. After a racing accident left her shattered in more ways than one, she’s forced to leave her lavish life behind and find a new path. But a single encounter with Fox interrupts her moping and thrusts her right back into the world of racing. Now they are working together and Ash is determined to undo the damage she caused him, but learns quickly that he wants nothing to do with the reason he’s scarred in the first place. Fox was always the charismatic golden hero. Charming, funny, and good-looking, his days center around cars, women, and the crew. Until the night he stepped in to help Ash and played the hero a little too hard. Now scarred for life, Fox must confront the reality of what he looks like while also having the mystery girl who ruined it all join the team for their next race. Falling for the girl who made you look like a monster? Not the ideal meet cute.

He’s a low-tech grump who put his dream wilderness job on hold to run a children’s camp. She’s an always-online beauty influencer whose break-up just went viral. Forced to work together, they couldn’t possibly be more wrong for each other. Hudson: My life is a disaster and now the rest of the world knows it too. I thought I’d made it big landing a job as a spokesperson for a shiny new beauty brand, only to lose it all when I’m named in a federal investigation after authorities raid my billionaire boyfriend’s company. Make that my ex-boyfriend. In a leaked video, he blames me for his own fraud. Now his rabid followers gleefully attack me in every online space. With my reputation shredded like my ex’s shady bank records, I need to lie low. Fast. Thanks to quick efforts by trusted friends, I’m living off-the-grid as a counselor at a kid’s summer camp in a forced no-WiFi existence while my online life cools down. Only camp life is anything but cool with my hot but gruff boss. So what if he’s out-of-touch and anti-tech? I only need to make it a few weeks and then I’m back to my L.A. life. Lucas: I never imagined I’d end up the top guy running Camp Junebug. After all, this job was meant to be a stepping stone to bigger boulders (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

From the second her delicate body thumped into my chest, I knew Lily was mine. It’s the deepest feeling I’ve ever had. Every detail of my gorgeous, sweet girl is precious. Perfect. Yet she’s sensitive about certain things, and doesn’t trust that we’re already together. She just moved south with her two sisters to escape the cold. I don’t know if she’s ready for the kind of heat that instantly overtakes us. I’ll find a way to prove I’m worth getting through her fears. That just because I’m much older doesn’t mean I want to control my lovely young girl. That my possession will be the best thing for both of us.

I’m sleeping with my dad’s billionaire best friend. I headed to Mystic, Connecticut, a month ago to help a family friend, not seduce him. Mateo Steele. He’s a grump—damaged and broody. He is also a Grade A silver fox—former SEAL, with a fantastic body and beautiful blue-grey eyes. Being a 28-year-old virgin is a rarity, but I am ready to be broken open by this hot stud of a man. The problem is that he is off-limits. I started working at the beautiful Inn he built right on the water. While checking in guests, I’m checking him out. Mateo starts to let his guard down and saves me from a group of awful men. I help bandage his wounds and try to help bind his emotional ones. I can help Mateo be the man he once was. But I may lose my relationship with my father in the process.

Sometimes love is the sweetest when you go in blind… folded. Well-meaning friends can either lead to disaster or another chance at happiness. Nolan and Mia have suffered through their own tragedies. Nolan dove into work, taking over his grandfather’s company, and Mia focused on being a single parent and her growing catering business. Individually, they come to the understanding that it’s time to find a balance between grieving and living again. Meddling friends and a blind date photoshoot lead to a weekend getaway, reigniting a passion neither Nolan nor Mia ever expected to feel again. Join Mia in trying to find freedom in his ropes and surrender under his belt; while Nolan finds the peace he’s been searching for being the nurturing dominant she needs. But Mia has more than just herself to consider, and she can’t bear the thought of putting her family through another heartbreak. If Daddy has his way about it, though, the presents won’t be the only thing wrapped up under the tree this Christmas…

I can’t keep my hands off my best friend’s daughter. And I never thought I would get her pregnant… I‘m captivated by Scarlett Halls. An annoying mid-twenties law graduate and my late best friend’s daughter. I promised to protect and watch over her, but she is more than I’ve ever imagined. She’s intoxicating, intelligent, beautiful, and a force I can’t resist. Stolen glances and accidental touches fuel the flames of desire within me. Every interaction melts away the hate, replacing it with undeniable longing. But dark secrets swirl, threatening to destroy everything we’ve built. I can’t ignore her quest for the truth behind her father’s death. I fear that danger lurks in the shadows, Making it impossible to resist the fierce protectiveness that surges within me. I’m willing to give my life to ensure her safety, Especially now that I know she is carrying my baby.

I never expected to walk into a random bar in New York City and come face to face with the man who broke my heart. But there he sits. Todd Barkley. Hot shot doctor and New York’s biggest ladies’ man. Except to me, he’s the boy who introduced me to kisses that felt like fire, and touches that lingered long after the fact. The man who introduced me to love and lust and pleasure. He’s also the villain who stole my heart and then stamped a ‘return to sender’ sticker right over it. I thought I’d healed. I thought I’d put it behind me. But the moment I walk into that bar and spot Todd Barkley sitting there, looking like a GQ model, I know I haven’t. Broken hearts don’t mend that easily. Some don’t mend at all. The only question here is, do I give him the chance to try?

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