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Our underworld is filled with bloodshed and malice, and darkness dominates our lives. It’s our world… where limits are built of smoke, and their rules have no power. And when we find the object of our deepest desires, we are ruthless. Nothing, not even their defiance, will stand in our way. We cast our shadows on them, and they give our corruption a purpose. Before, we were breaking the rules for ourselves. Now, we are breaking every rule for them. Grab this limited-edition collection before it’s gone forever! 

Participating Authors: L.K. Shaw & Rachel Everly, Kristen Luciani & Londyn Quinn, Ember Davis, E.M. Shue, Bella Di Corte, A.R. Thomas, Melverna McFarlane, Quinn Marlowe, and Emmaleigh Loader.

This protective cowboy will do whatever it takes to defend his curvy woman and his surprise baby… Jack: Justice is the maid of honor at my sister’s wedding. She’s a curvy woman who’s a lot younger than me. As her best friend’s brother, I should ignore the attraction, but that’s impossible. We share one hot night together before I wake up to find her gone. I don’t hear from her again until three months later. She’s in danger now and with my special skills, I’m the only one who can keep her safe. It’s a good thing too. As soon as this is resolved, I’ll show Justice that this protective cowboy will never let her go. Justice: Jack is my best friend’s brother. He’s a protector, the kind of man who would wage war and lay siege to cities to keep me safe. I don’t want to drag him into my hell. But I can’t resist the protective cowboy or the way he makes me feel so safe. Maybe that explains why I had a one night stand with him. Only there’s not just me to think about anymore. Now I’m pregnant with his baby. Can I find the strength to finally break free from my past and discover a future with the man I love? 

Jameson: How was I supposed to know when the one was going to walk into my life? I was not looking for her—mostly because I never believed in that sort of thing. I love my life just the way it is. I love my bar, Sunset Shots, I love my friends, and I love the ladies that come to get a drink at and flirt it up. A casual hook-up happens sometimes but mostly I gave up on finding love. Until Jade, the one, walks into my bar and into my life and I know one night won’t be enough. Jade: Heartbreak happens to the best of us. Finding out my fiancé was secretly in love with my sister sure broke mine. I escape to Sunset Springs, where broken hearts go to heal. Sunny shores, sandy beaches, and sinful drinks are just what I need. What I don’t need is to walk into the hottest bar in town and find myself falling all over the hot bartender, Jameson. Who could blame me though? I came to Sunset Springs to heal my heart—he might not want to keep my heart, but I think he can help heal it.

Imagine being snowed in with four hot successful men. P.S. they’ve all played the hero in too many of your naughtiest dreams. Problem is, you work for them, and that makes them off-limits. Except now they’re looking at you like you’re Santa’s cookies. And they definitely want to take a bite. Talk about making you reconsider your life choices. These four are aiming for Santa’s naughty list, and I’m pretty sure I’m getting: Jace, Reed, Alec, and Cole for Christmas. It might’ve started as a decorating job. But it ended Tangled in Tinsel.

I never expected my protector to become my billionaire boss. I never expected my protector to become my billionaire boss. I’m a runaway bride on my wedding day. And I run right into the sexiest man alive, wearing my favorite scent. He saves the day and drives me away. Then I quit my job and ended up interning at his company. This is unbelievable! The ridiculous part is when he runs his hands all over my body. And then make me run errands to pick up his dry cleaners. I hate how badly I want him. But I can’t ruin my career. Especially when someone causes a scandal. Will my grumpy, sexy, blue-eyed CEO save the day…again?

Lorelei Rogers excels at baking, so business booms when she starts a food truck specializing in marijuana edibles, even taking it to concerts and private parties. Despite the rules surrounding growing and selling, Lorelei manages a successful business, and she won’t let anyone come between her and success. That includes the arrogant police officer with an overactive tape measure. Liam Lane, a drug task force officer for the county, hates marijuana. He’s spent his career fighting the drug and educating youth on its drawbacks. He’s peeved that he can’t crack down on weed anymore and sets out to make Lorelei’s life as miserable as possible, hoping she’ll quit the business and find a respectable baking gig. Too bad he’s also falling for her like a baked college boy with the munchies.

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