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Lucinda “Lucy” Henderson leads a vibrant, independent life. When she becomes an editorial assistant to Beatriz Marley, a top editor, it changed her life. Beatriz has a “Devil Wears Prada” attitude, which has caused Lucy’s professional life to suffer. When Beatriz signs a deal with Byron Brinx, a best-selling author, she reluctantly turns to Lucy for help. Beatriz demands that Lucy track down Byron, threatening Lucy’s job security. Byron, however, despises being told what to do. Frustrated with the mounting pressure and a family loss, Byron seizes the opportunity when Lucy shows up at his door. Seeing her as the perfect diversion, he agrees to spend time with her, even though Lucy reveals her urgent mission to secure his chapters. As Lucy races against the clock, she discovers Byron has a negotiation of his own, one he keeps concealed until the last moment. Lucy must decide if risking her dream job and her heart for this seductive writer is worth it. Will Lucy be able to secure the coveted chapters and maintain her professional integrity? Or will the allure of Byron’s charisma and the changes they undergo throughout their encounter prove too much to resist? 

Melissa: My dad hasn’t been the same since my mom left us several years ago. He’s obsessed with gaining political power, going so far as to promise my hand in marriage to one of his important campaign donors. My groom is a scumbag, but I can’t get my dad to see my side at all. He won’t even let me apply to college so I can follow my dreams. It makes sense that I’m taking the chance to escape when I have it, even though it’s the day of my wedding. Now I’m out of gas in the middle of nowhere, and the closest thing is an isolated ranch. Surely whoever lives here can help a damsel in distress, right? Roland: All I want to do is live my out my life in solitude. I’ve seen and done some terrible things, so living alone with my dogs and my livestock is all I want to. These damn kids keep trying to break into my property, however, so I’m constantly trying to keep them from getting in. Well … usually. The latest intruder isn’t some high school delinquent, but a pretty young woman in a wedding dress. My dogs love her already, and I think I might be starting to fall too. How the hell did this runaway bride find herself all the way out here?

Not everything is as it seems… They expect me to marry her. I’ll play their game, but every move made will be on my terms. Her innocence calls to me. She’s full of sweetness and vulnerability. And I’m going to taint every bit of her. I’m going to break her. And when it’s all said and done, I’ll make sure she craves me. Her parents think I’m a saint… They have no idea I’m just the devil in disguise.

It’s wonderful that these sailors see Astor as a skilled doctor. But to hire her to sail away with them? It’s actually the best thing that has ever happened to a dedicated young lady who needs to live her passion. Captain Evans: There was never a good time for an injury on our ship, but my younger brother Simon managed to slice his arm just a week before an important job. To save his hand, we’d need a doctor’s help. I was never expecting a woman, especially one so beautiful that it nearly stopped my heart. It’s been a longstanding desire of mine to find an extremely smart woman. That detail was just as arousing as her beauty, and delicate sweetness. Yet she’s not likely to be satisfied with a patient roster of only seven sailors. Even though in my soul, I know she already belongs to me. Astor: I can’t quite believe I had the nerve to set sail with a crew of strange men. But from the way the Captain treated me, I felt like there was a chance for me to be a permanent member of the crew. I’d never felt anything as powerful as our connection. Until I put my calling ahead of the ship’s mission. Would our passionate heat be enough to make him understand that I needed to follow my dreams, as well as my heart? 

I never expected my protector to become my billionaire boss. I’m a runaway bride on my wedding day. And I run right into the sexiest man alive, wearing my favorite scent. He saves the day and drives me away. Then I quit my job and ended up interning at his company. This is unbelievable! The ridiculous part is when he runs his hands all over my body. And then make me run errands to pick up his dry cleaners. I hate how badly I want him. But I can’t ruin my career. Especially when someone causes a scandal. Will my grumpy, sexy, blue-eyed CEO save the day…again?

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