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Some might say I’d give the Grinch a run for his money. And they’d be right. But this hot little number thinks she can soften me. Not a chance. I won’t bend for anything or anyone. My past made me this way and I’m good with it. Then I start to feel love seeping in. Maybe there’s a way to save myself. Besides, she doesn’t want to ruin her reputation or risk her career. Another man might not have dared her to. But how can I resist those legs in high heels? Or her warm, welcoming heart? I can’t. Maybe something besides the snow is melting. ‘Tis the season, after all.

Can a hard-hitting hockey player find love with the woman who belongs to the guy he just put in the hospital? Pro hockey player T.J. Shanstrom is no stranger to controversy. Labeled a goon by his many critics, he’s the guy every team hates to play against but every team wants on their side—the goal scorer with an edge as deadly as a newly sharpened skate blade. T.J. plays the only way he can, laying everything on the line, game in, game out. But when it’s time to step away from the rink, T.J. leaves his fire on the ice. Relationships? He tried that once. Friends with benefits is as close as he’s planning to get to a woman again. Until he meets Natalie Foster. Smart and independent, no-nonsense Natalie’s rebuilding her life her way after her high-powered career and her engagement go off the rails. Besides trying out new lines of work, she’s also dipping her toe in the dating pool with pro hockey player Kevin May. The relationship is new, it’s fun, but it’s barely off the ground when Kevin’s career comes to a screeching halt thanks to a T.J. Shanstrom cheapshot. When Natalie and T.J.’s paths accidentally cross, sparks fly. Natalie has no idea who this handsome hunk is, but when T.J. discovers who she is, he’s determined to become her knight in shining armor while safeguarding his identity—and his heart. What could possibly go wrong?
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I was hired as his nanny. I didn’t think I’d fall for this silver fox billionaire. To fund my modeling ambitions, I took a job as a nanny to twin girls, Not realizing who the dad was. Liam Williams. A sexy silver fox billionaire with a grumpy facade. Liam was the modeling judge who did not let me audition because I was late. But the more I got to know him, The real person started to emerge… Plus, he was easy on the eyes. And we began to bond. As I carried out my nanny duties in his mansion, My feelings for him grew stronger and deeper. Then tragedy struck, forcing me to spend the night. A night that forged a connection that would last a lifetime…

I never expected a hot overly dramatic stranger to become my billionaire boss. He’s a grumpy, sexy, blue-eyed CEO…and my savior. I was on a mission to seal a deal for work. But then I ended up quitting my job. So when the hot rude stranger I ran into at the airport offers me a job, I take it. I need the money. I thought it’d be easy to deal with him. I was wrong. One moment, he’s rude and obnoxious. The next, he’s cupping my face and pressing his lips against mine. He thinks he can win me over with a few pieces of pastries. As if. Well, I was wrong, again. I end up in his bed. I should regret taking his offer. Yet, the more I find out about his past, the closer it makes me feel to him. He’s just like me. Can we get passed our damaged past and fall in love? Because I need to tell him about what’s growing inside of me.

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