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From best friends, to high school sweethearts, to barely talking… He knows he was a fool to let her go, and it’s going to take a miracle to convince her to give him a second chance. Brody Anderson and Star Corrigan made all the superlatives in their high school yearbook, right down to being voted the Most Romantic Couple. But life happened, tragedy struck, and they drifted apart. No, it’s actually worse than that. He allowed his pride to push her away. Now that he’s back on his feet after a near-crippling accident and his ranch is finally turning a profit, Brody can’t get Star out of his mind. More than anything, he wants her back. It won’t be easy convincing her to date him again, though — especially while running the new bed-and-breakfast on his ranch. Not to mention how much of his time his newfound cousin, Crew, is demanding these days after a few brushes with the law. Nor is he overly thrilled about Crew’s former prison buddy who’s been hanging around and the trouble he brings. But it’s more than a matter of finding the perfect time and opportunity to romance Star. Will she be able to trust him again? Can she believe he has what it takes to stand by her and fight for her this time around, like he does again and again for his family? (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Johnston: Being the mother charter prez, I’ve got to lead by example. Treat your old lady with respect. Keep a level head. Never make rash decisions. But Aaliyah tips my entire world upside down. My blood runs hot every time she steps into the room. It’s a struggle to keep my hands to myself around her. It’s easier when I know she’s got a man she lives with. But when he screws up… well, that major boundary is now off the table, and I’m about to wreck my entire world and destroy the example I’m trying to make because Aaliyah… I need a taste. Aaliyah: Johnston is the kind of monster your parents told you wasn’t under your bed when you were a little kid. He’s the boy your parents warned you not to date when you were in high school. He’s the definition of danger and a bad member of society. But I don’t care; I can’t help myself. I’ve always had a taste for the wild side, and I’m telling you–it doesn’t get much wilder than Johnston. But apparently, I like them really wild because Johnston is married. Talk about opening a new can of worms. 

Steamy three full length contemporary romance box set. Turn off your alarm because these bad boy billionaires will make your heart swoon and keep you turning the pages all night long for their happily ever after. Why just get one when you can get all three?

Book 1: Grumpy Billionaire’s Secret: A game of truth or dare. No real names. No numbers exchanged. No strings attached. I allowed a complete stranger to take my V-card. He left me with two things that night: His masquerade mask. And his baby in my belly. He recognizes his own blue eyes the first time he sees my son. He knows something isn’t right. If I tell him my long kept secret, I could lose my job. But it’s a chance I am willing to take to save our son’s life.

(Read the blurbs for books 2 & 3 on Amazon)

Me: Ask me what happens in Vegas… Samantha: What happens in Vegas? Me: Let me tell you. What happens is that you get “make out with strangers and pee in a parking lot” drunk. Tie the knot with a huy you just met. Then *allegedly* participate in depraved group activities with him and his friends in the honeymoon suite of a five-star hotel. But that’s not even the worst part.Because after an epic walk of shame, you find out he’s some insanely famous bad-boy quarterback who’s in the midst of cleaning up his act. So now, you have to pretend to like him… sober… until you can skip town with an annulment and a shirt that reads, “I’d hit that.” Except for bam—tiny hiccup, his personality cancels out his hot AF face. And let’s not mention how you definitely took a trip to pound town with his friends. So, yeah. That’s what happens in Vegas. You get Knot so Lucky even when you think you hit the jackpot.

Between the buzzing tattoo guns and heated banter, Nash’s magnetic presence threatens to unravel my carefully guarded heart. When the lines between rivalry and attraction blur, I find myself torn between resisting Nash’s charm and surrendering to the allure. The last person on this earth I would ever go on a road trip with is Nash Nelson, and yet here I am, doing just that. As the miles stretch before us, our banter evolves from biting sarcasm to playful teasing, and the walls I’ve carefully constructed around my heart start to crumble. Nash’s enigmatic charm becomes irresistible, drawing me closer with every stolen glance and lingering touch. In the midst of breathtaking landscapes and starlit nights, I realize that sometimes the person who challenges you the most is the one who holds the key to unlocking your truest self. Will I allow Nash to break down my walls and discover the vulnerability hidden within, or will I retreat into the comfort of familiarity, forever wondering what could have been?

A billion-dollar ranch for a wife? To Jared, it’s a bargain. It’s Beth’s wedding day. She doesn’t love him, and he doesn’t love her. She and Simon are only getting married because his father’s Will gave their beloved ranch to his older brother: Jared. But before they can tie the knot, her maid of honor drops a bomb. She’s pregnant. Jared returns to stop the wedding. He’s willing to give them the ranch if they’ll drop their ridiculous wedding plans. Then he sees a pregnancy test in Beth’s trash, and everything changes. If his brother got her pregnant, he should definitely marry her. It’s the right thing to do, but Simon rarely does the right thing. After Simon runs away rather than face his responsibility, Jared marries her. Beth tries to tell him she isn’t expecting a baby, but he won’t listen. Her arrogant boss gives her an ultimatum. Either she marries him, or he sells the ranch. The good news is that he is willing to give her the ranch after they wed; the bad news is he’s going to want to kill her when he finds out he married her for nothing. Can Beth find a way to keep her home, her job, and her heart?

I was hired as his nanny. I didn’t think I’d fall for this silver fox billionaire. To fund my modeling ambitions, I took a job as a nanny to twin girls, Not realizing who the dad was. Liam Williams. A sexy silver fox billionaire with a grumpy facade. Liam was the modeling judge who did not let me audition because I was late. But the more I got to know him, The real person started to emerge… Plus, he was easy on the eyes. And we began to bond. As I carried out my nanny duties in his mansion, My feelings for him grew stronger and deeper. Then tragedy struck, forcing me to spend the night. A night that forged a connection that would last a lifetime…

Vampires don’t get a happily ever after. Over the centuries, Eric Collins learned that the hard way, which is why he has sworn off the idea of companionship and throws himself into his job as a detective. But his plan for a peaceful, solitary existence is disrupted the night he saves Chase Turner, a fellow cop, from being murdered. Aside from the once-dormant feelings Chase stirs up, Eric has a bigger problem. There’s another vampire in Chase’s life whose intentions are even less noble than his own. If Eric leaves Chicago, Chase is as good as dead. But if he stays, he’ll end up in a war with the rest of the city’s vampires and Chase might become a casualty after all. Falling in love with his partner was never part of Chase Turner’s career goals. He already has two strikes against him at Chicago PD — the last thing he needs is a third. The son of an infamous Internal Affairs commander and the survivor of a shootout that left his partner dead, Chase is trying his best to keep a low profile until the heat blows over. Then he’s reassigned to Eric Collins’ division, the detective who saved him from certain death. Despite the fact Chase’s life is a complete mess, (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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