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A fake girlfriend…from Hell? Jilted by his fiancée, Ryan joked that a fake girlfriend would get his well-meaning family off his back. But he didn’t mean it. He wasn’t expecting his buddy to grant his wish like a damn genie in a bottle. Torturing the souls of the damned? Not as much fun as it sounds. Zoephus wants out of Hell. She’s willing to make a deal for the chance to escape. How hard could it be to play the fake girlfriend of a human, anyway? For a demonic fake girlfriend, Zoephus isn’t what Ryan expected. Since when are demons gorgeous, oddly polite, and hilariously ignorant of the modern world? He just hopes she won’t break his coffee machine. Or his heart. Bound together for fifty days, the lines of real and pretend begin to blur, emotions inevitably get involved, and yearnings intensify. But when truths and vulnerability are laid bare, hearts could be left shattered. Can a heart moulded in the flaming depths of Hell truly love?

I took a chance years ago and hooked up with my billionaire boss. He’s as arrogant, alluring, and arousing as he was ten years ago. He’s also my boss – again. He was my first love. Now my new love. My only love. But, oh, the sultry nights we shared. The lust that lingers even now. The heat between us has not faded over the years. Now he’s a billionaire silver fox who I still hunger for. As much as I want him, I’m still not sure my heart has recovered from the first time he broke it. But now he’s given me a precious secret that may change how he feels. I don’t know if the intensity of our love can survive a baby. Going down this road again, heat from our fire might burn too hot. Our mutual attraction can’t be denied, but crossing the line with the boss could cost me everything I’ve worked for.

Kieran’s an ex-military, billionaire fox who left me in tears ten years ago. He’s back in town, and I’m pregnant with his twins. Oops! Our eyes locked at a fateful meeting, which took my breath away. His hardened exterior screams to the world that he’s a bad boy. On a night of passion, I glimpsed a caring soul beneath all that armor. I like this new Kieran. But we’re executives at competing firms. Our love could destroy our careers. A powerful rival watches our every move plotting our destruction. A storm’s a-comin’. I hope we can survive who we must become to see this through.

I’m a single mom, freshly divorced, falling for my dad’s best friend.…sounds like a cliche country song. Sadly this is now my life. I’m returning home with my tail between my legs after a horrendously failed marriage. Zion is my dad’s best friend and next-door neighbor and helping my family on our Ranch. I don’t remember having a thing for older men or cowboys. The grey around his temples reminds me that he is older but the muscles from years of ranch work tell a different story. The more time I spend around him, the more I allow myself to entertain forbidden thoughts. I keep catching him staring at me suggesting that he is thinking the same thing. If we can’t keep ourselves in control Dad and Zion could become enemies. My fate would be worse. But living next door and working with him makes it hard to keep my distance.

Hi. I’m Daltry. I own a ladies ‘bohemian fashion boutique in town, Boho Butterfly. I love helping my customers dress with flair and spirit. Not every day is perfect. For instance, this rich, well-dressed, sarcastic man barged into my shop, demanding a birthday present for his mother. I wasn’t impressed. Although he did have a sense of humor. His green eyes twinkled. He was a sexy, handsome dog. But I digress. Even more than my thriving business, I love a real canine: Sadie, my Boston Terrier and shop mascot. She is everything to me. Imagine my horror when I discovered that Dr. Burt Montauk-the town’s most sought-after (and only) veterinarian was that rude-but-amusing, hot customer! Now I’m stuck. An emergency has Sadie’s life in his hands. Burt is stuck, too, because I won’t leave Sadie’s side. This contradiction of a man will be hard to get along with. But it may be even harder to get along without him …

As a single mom, I search for a modeling job, only to stumble upon an exceedingly handsome, yet grumpy billionaire who does not notice me…at first… Luke asked me to take part as his fake girlfriend to avoid dealing with his ex-fiancee. Forced proximity affects our relationship in uncertain terms. With Luke, I confront them. We face conflict together. The past returns, threatening to shatter our happiness. My ex’s confession lingers in the air. Luke’s ex-fiancé emerges, wreaking havoc. We brace ourselves for the tempest of drama and conflict. The storm rages on, doubt grips my heart. Our love’s future is uncertain, at the mercy of turbulent winds. Can we weather this unrelenting storm, or be torn apart? I am willing to risk all for love.

Three full length novel contemporary romance box set. These arrogant billionaires will make your heart swoon. Stay up all night and get hooked on their happily ever after. Why just get one when you can get all three?

Book 1: Grumpy SEAL’s Secret: I rode a cowboy and cashed in my v-card. What I didn’t count on was a baby coming along for the ride. I just broke up with my crazy unpredictable ex. For my protection I was sent to live with my father’s best friend. Jay Quinn. A sexy ex-Navy SEAL turned Billionaire horse tamer. But that’s not the only thing he’s tamed… This is a dangerous game. If my dad ever found out, all hell could break loose. The last thing I expected was to have a baby saddling up inside me…

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