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Can a childhood friendship turn into love? Or will they miss their chance? When flowers begin arriving at Lady Almeria’s door, she is first pleased and then confused. With no name attached to her gifts, how is she ever to tell which gentleman they are coming from? Thinking to use ‘The London Ledger’ to discover the gentleman behind it, Almeria is delighted when one upstanding, highly titled gentleman claims himself to be her admirer. The only problem, however, is that she feels no spark of interest when they first meet. Marcus, Earl of Coppinger has long admired Lady Almeria. Having been acquainted as children, he has never forgotten her and, even though she treats him as a dear friend, he can never think of her as only that. Uncertain as to what else to do, he begins to send flowers and notes – only for another gentleman to declare himself. With Lady Almeria appearing quite contented, Marcus fears he must step away, only for one dark evening to reveal a good deal more about her new beau. Determined to protect her, Marcus steps into the melee… only to find himself pulled further from Lady Almeria than ever before. Will they manage to bridge the gap between them? And can a spark of love ignite in Lady Almeria’s heart for him? 

Will this runaway bride thaw the frozen heart of the grumpy mountain man? Maggie: Walking away from my wedding and driving into a snowstorm wasn’t my best idea. But I was too flustered to think clearly. Now here I am trapped in a remote cabin in the middle of a snowstorm. With a grumpy mountain man who seems to hate me. Too bad his every touch ignites my senses. Crew: Maggie is beautiful with curves for days. She’s the first woman I’ve noticed in months. But she’s a runaway bride. And I’ve already been left at the altar once. I’m not about to go down this road a second time. No matter how bright the chemistry between us burns.

Catching Alex cheating complicated my life. Until his best friend Ryan kissed me at the company NYE party. Moving to New York was a big change from my hometown in Tennessee. Alex is the reason I left my small-town life. Now, I love my job and don’t know if I should stay or go back home. Ryan is the heir to a billion-dollar throne. His father wants to see him settle down and end the string of playboy model girlfriends. The night of the company NYE party when Ryan pretended to be my new boyfriend still stuns me. As the ruse continued, my feelings grew stronger. Especially after Ryan asked me to move in with him to protect me from Alex. The way our lips melted together in a passionate kiss still makes my entire body shiver in delight. Surrendering my body for the first time in my life to Ryan felt so right as he engulfed me in his muscular body. However, when I learn I may be just another notch on Ryan’s bedpost, leaving the city seems like my only option.

Her wild, gut-wrenching shrieks stirred my blood… But not as much as our intimate debrief after I hauled her ass to safety. What are the odds she’s my client’s soon-to-be ex-wife? I was never supposed to see that flailing beauty from the zipline again. ‘Cause I’m not one for repeat performances…just have fun, and move on. After all, we already ticked off every item on her Big O to-do list. Now, she’s facing me across the mediation table, vulnerable and distraught. And I’m representing her cheating ex who’s out to keep every last asset from their failing marriage. It’s getting uglier by the minute; there’s no room for kindness in this battle. Compromising my ethics is non-negotiable. I have to be a role model for my son. But her no-strings offer is challenging my resistance. And that conflict of interest issue’s got me by the throat. All because of that blonde bombshell who’s not afraid to ask for what she wants.

When an influential member of the ton gives you the cut direct, you have only one option: run far away and don’t look back… Miss Serena Formby wants to do something extraordinary with her life, to experience the fire and adventure she longs for. That doesn’t encompass being discovered in the arms of a handsome rake by a leading patroness of Almack’s. With no choice but to flee the country, Serena hides her shame beneath a façade of outrageous behaviour. Hamish Avril, future Baron of Kirkbride, had no intention of marrying; that would leave far too many women devastated in his wake. But that was before he meets the intriguing bluestocking and impulsively kisses her in Vauxhall Gardens. Serena rejects his offer of marriage out of hand, and takes herself off on a hastily arranged Grand Tour. Hamish should feel nothing but relief; he should return home to the Scottish Highlands. Instead, he is careering across the Continent, chasing a woman who wants nothing to do with him. Has the rake taken on more than he bargained for? Or is the bluestocking’s adventure just beginning…

Playing the fake fiancée to my brother’s billionaire best friend was never in my plans. After college, I came back home to start my own fashion house when I met Logan Pierce, my high school crush. He was my brother’s bestie, an arrogant playboy, who ignored me except when he wanted to poke fun at me. But now we were stuck together all week for my brother’s wedding and the way he looked at me was awakening desires I never knew I had. As we got tangled in a passionate kiss, I knew I shouldn’t have done that; but it was just one taste. Two. Okay, three. When my brother caught us, wrapped around each other, Logan declared me his fiancée! I decided to play along until the wedding was over. But the line between real and pretend started to blur as I saw a side of Logan I never knew. The weekend would end, and the truth would come out, I thought. I’d go back to my life like it never happened. There was only one problem. I was in too deep.

Torn between two worlds, two men, and two times. While on a college-sponsored field trip to experience a real archaeology dig, Missouri University student Quinn Cameron is separated from the rest of her class by a heavy fog. A fog that transports her back in time, to 1592. Something that even her 3.8 GPA and sarcastic wit won’t be enough to help her survive. Now she’s in a primitive world she has only studied in books. History, she learns, is a far cry from the comfort and security of her former life. And her only safe harbor from politics and violence is Duncan MacGregor, a valiant, brooding, and mysterious Scottish warrior. Soon, even that security is threatened when she finds herself connected to the dark, mysterious Fae who claims she has a fate to fulfill. He’s the only one with information on how she arrived here…but can she trust him to tell her the truth about how to get back?

A massive collection of over 400,000 words / 16,000 pages of bestselling spicy alien romance! Alien Conquest contains ten standalone alien romances in which human women become the fated, very well owned, and even more thoroughly protected mates of their alien masters. Alien Conquest includes: Ransom, Alien Psycho, Bucked by the Alien, Hostage, Rebellion, Harem, Alien Ever After, Survivor, Alien Owner, and Alien Bodyguard.

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