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The difference between a Millionaire and a Billionaire? A Millionaire will love you for a night. A Billionaire will love you for a lifetime. Come meet the latest members of the Billion Dollar Club, where money isn’t an issue. Michael Rockland, a devastatingly handsome damaged Billionaire with a lust for life. Max Renshaw, with the chiseled jawline and protective nature. You know the type. Logan McDonagh, he’s grumpy but you can tell his body is shredded under his suit. Alex Davison, the strong arrogant bad boy with the dreamy eyes and a secretive smile. The Daddy Issues Boxset includes: Surprise Baby For The Billionaire Daddy, My Enemy Billionaire Boss, Surprise Baby For My Silver Fox Billionaire, and Faking It With My Billionaire Alpha. All four books are stand alones and part of The Billion Dollar Club Series.

Brady Summers thought there wasn’t anything he wanted more than the starting quarterback spot for the New York Nighthawks. Then Talia Finch needed him to play fake boyfriend to rescue her from a persistent creep, and all he could think about was how to make the pretty brunette his. Talia doesn’t know the reason the hunky quarterback gave her for extending the pretense was just an excuse. Or that Brady is playing for keeps when it comes to her.

All my life I’ve come to expect lemons. Lemon foster parents, lemon schools, lemon relationships, and now the car I spent my life savings on is indeed a lemon. I am stranded on the side of the road when my best friend sends someone to save me. He is big, rough, tattooed, and everything I have ever wanted in a man. Our attraction is instantaneous and I know he’s the only man I could ever give my V-Card to. It looks like my luck is finally changing. The only problem is that our love is forbidden… because Jack Knight is my best friend’s Dad.

After losing her mother to cancer, Meredith packed her most prized belongings and her necessities, loaded up her service dog Max, and took off on a cross-country trip. And ended up settling in a small town in Tennessee. Chase – the local sheriff – is head over heels for her the moment their eyes meet. But Meredith is guarded. After a tragic night changed her life forever, left her with almost crippling anxiety, she doesn’t trust easily. Yet, she can’t say no to the sheriff. But is he enough to protect her when her past comes crashing back into her life – quite literally?

I never expected to move back to my hometown, but things have a funny way of working out sometimes. I also never expected to run into Patrick Dye––Port Townsend’s own football star turned pro-football player. And I definitely never thought he’d recognize me after all these years, or that he’d ask me out. In this season of unexpected changes, I might have met my perfect match with Patrick.

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