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Dust off your boots and string the lights, Christmas has come to Rock Springs, Texas! Who knew a blizzard could derail your plans at the same time it offers you a new future? I love my trucking route being able to see the country and get paid for it. But when a freak blizzard strands me in Rock Springs with a good friend and her family, I start to see a different life. The hot cowboy ranch hand doesn’t hurt either. When he turns up the charm and mother nature turns down the temperature and sprinkles in some Christmas magic, I can’t help but feel ganged up on. Then the perfect opportunity comes to show him I plan on putting down roots. Will it be enough to prove I’m all in?

When life kicks a wanderer in the bollocks, all he can do is fight for his life. Bad boy BC Brooks screwed up his lifelong dream of being captain of the English national rugby team. Lost and confused, he hides from his failures until an unexpected inheritance forces him to make a change. Graham Hodson lives for travel, adventure, and one-night stands. Wanderlust rules his life. He never expects a brief encounter with a stranger to haunt his dreams and follow him across the world. One diagnosis shakes both men to their core. One journey through the depths of recovery brings two perpetual bachelors into the unknown territory of love.

There’s nothing I can’t do on skates… One night home and I’m obsessed. She’s the most compelling woman I’ve ever seen, and I can’t take my eyes off her. I watch her fight, battling head to head for everything she believes in. And when the odds turn against her, I’m the unlikely key to her salvation. Getting too close could cost me everything. But there’s no chance in hell I’ll stay away. Maisy Flynn is mine, even if neither one of us wants it.

In the conflicting world of a billionaire’s secretary, ambition meets with the passion of love. With one goal in my mind, make a name, earn my keep and fulfill my dreams. He is my opposite, in more ways than just his status. I knew what I had to do, I had everything planned out. But everything faded away when my eyes connected with his piercing eyes, making me feel so alive. Now I am torn between duty and the irresistible pull of love. Sebastian Preston has it all. He is the whole package, and his confidence shows that he knows it. In the blurring lines, I seduced Sebastian Preston, my enigmatic CEO. We are two people brought together by an unexpected twist of fate when I find out I am pregnant.

A hot night with the mysterious billionaire led to desire and unexpected consequences… That one night of fiery passion was meant to be a fleeting moment, an ephemeral connection soon forgotten. Yet Liam’s smouldering gaze and irresistible charm make it difficult to resist the longing for his strong arms once more. But destiny had other plans. Now, expecting a child from our forbidden rendezvous, my life has transformed from a poised ballerina to a single mother-to-be. Were our paths meant to cross again? How will Liam react to the truth that binds us forever? As the unknown looms, the temptation to surrender to his allure becomes harder to resist, should fate bring us together again.

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