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Luke Ashford knew within a heartbeat the third-grade teacher who finally met his gaze was extraordinary. So he took his father’s advice. And lied. Luke: An uncompromising, billionaire workaholic, Luke Ashford was born and raised to be CEO of AV Industries. It’s all he’s ever wanted, and finally within his reach. Nothing can stand in his way. Except an ultimatum to start dating. From his dad. Penny: Hopeless romantic, Penny Pierce, has always dreamed of finding her soulmate. But there’s no way it’s the tall, dark, chiseled suit who’s appeared in her classroom and pinned her with midnight eyes and a brooding stare. Even if the intriguing business exec volunteers to personally mentor her students for the state science fair. With the CEO role on the line will Penny prove love is the solution to all of Luke’s problems… or is she simply an irresistible obstacle to his plans?

I thought I was going to interview the most secretive billionaire on the planet… but I ended up in his underground dungeon instead. Ethan Hamilton is a mystery to the world. No one knows anything about him, except that he’s rich, powerful, and dangerously attractive. And he wants me. That smoldering emerald gaze. That delicious body under the tailored suit. That powerful, masculine scent. And an army of trained killers set on ruining our evening with unwelcome violence. But he protects me from everything fate throws at us and I never felt safer than in his embrace. He locks me up in his underground bunker and then claims me and it feels like a dream. A dream I don’t deserve. He is a powerful hot billionaire who cooks and plays the piano. I am just Chloe. How can I hope to hold his attention when the danger is over? Is there a way to save myself from a broken heart? I save his life and then abandon him in the hospital, hoping I can forget him before it kills me. But it doesn’t seem like he is going to give up that easily. Because once Ethan Hamilton makes something his, he is not letting it go. 

I proposition my hot gazillionaire boss to take my V-card. In exchange, I will pretend to be his girlfriend for publicity. I know I am playing with fire. But I don’t care. I want him with everything I am. Now I have to worry that I can keep my end of the deal: be his fake girlfriend. And not actually fall in love. But he confuses all of my senses and my brain goes out the window when he’s near. He teaches me things about my body that I never thought could be true. And, apparently, my soul as well. My future and all my dreams rest on not messing this job up. I can’t let him find out that I’ve breached our contract.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of love and passion in this box set of five riveting romances. Each story is filled with explosive chemistry, heart-pounding suspense, and unforgettable romance. Get ready to fall in love with these alpha men and the women who capture their hearts.

Book 6 – F is for Finn: Wendy turned my quiet new life upside down. Now I never want to let her go.

Book 7 – G is for Gerry: I was leaving the diner when
Trouble fell right into my arms.

Book 8 – H is for Hawk: Hawk is the one that got away. Only man I ever loved… and he’s back in town.

Book 9 – I is for Ian: We clashed from the moment we met. Now we’re stuck here, just the two of us. Snowed in together.

Book 10 – J is for Jason: I can’t tell if he’s really into me… Or if he’s just doing his boss’ bidding.

I invest in businesses, not women. My silver tongue gets me what I want, and my last name seals the deal. My current fixation? A ski lodge on the brink. It’s a big undertaking, but I’m up for the challenge. And the reward. The curvy young owner has me questioning my own commitment. Is she worth giving it all up? Or is she just a distraction on the path to more millions? Either way, she’s making me sweat despite the Christmas chill. I’m ready to burn. So long as she’s striking the match.

Brady Summers thought there wasn’t anything he wanted more than the starting quarterback spot for the New York Nighthawks. Then Talia Finch needed him to play fake boyfriend to rescue her from a persistent creep, and all he could think about was how to make the pretty brunette his. Talia doesn’t know the reason the hunky quarterback gave her for extending the pretense was just an excuse. Or that Brady is playing for keeps when it comes to her.

My best friend’s brother was my high school crush. Never dreamed he’d crush me with rejection. Two years have passed since he turned me down with nothing left but shame. He’s back in town for his best bud’s wedding. I can see him staring me down from across the room, exposing his inner desire. You can feel the tension between us. Then he shoves me into a corner and I can’t resist. Like a hungry animal, he unleashes his passion on me. I surrender my body and fall under his spell. Here we go again. Leaving me, trapped like a prisoner. His sister said he’s no good for me. I’m erasing my memory of him. I always pick the wrong guy. Now I have a relentless stalker lurking out there. When he comes to my rescue, we are forced together for my “safety”. Maybe this will be the breaking point when he realizes he can’t live without me. Especially now that he knows he’s going to be my baby daddy. 

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