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Chase: When I started writing romance novels, I never imagined my rise up the bestseller’s list would be for destroying readers’ panties. So being called in by my editor to consult for the publishing house golden boy on a novel that can’t quite manage to get it up isn’t something I’m anxious to do when I’ve got my own deadline. But when I saw his face on the back of his latest book jacket, I jumped at the chance to work with reclusive mystery novelist Stone Evans. Evan: My thriving career was built on carefully crafted, suspenseful thrillers and mystery novels, but I was completely clueless when it came to adding a little spice to my upcoming release. With my deadline barreling toward me, I had no other choice but to accept a helping hand from a pro. Chastity Rose was a stunning romance novelist who burst into my quiet life and made it hard (pun intended) to concentrate on learning from her expertise. Especially once we decided to collaborate on a book requiring specialized, hands-on investigation.

A sweet hometown holiday that rekindles a childhood crush… Celebrity country western singer Willa Morgan receives a gift from a secret admirer that ultimately leads to a long overdue visit home for Christmas. On her first day back, she encounters Angel Castellano, a cocky blast from her past who’s been bragging since they were kids that he’s going to marry her someday. All too soon, he’s wrangling her into serving as the interim entertainment director at his dinner theater, baking her one tastebud-exploding dessert after another, and taking up way too much of her headspace. Their trip down memory lane leads to a crossroads. Will she choose a second chance at love or a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity that will take her away from home…and him…this time for good?

The accidental spicy encounter was pure pleasure. But when our paths crossed again, the disaster followed: Unwanted enemy, Unexpected baby, Unknown brother, Unpredictable mate. I am a bear shifter in the middle of a war. My hot next-door neighbor is a peaceful healer. We are nothing but opposites, and our relationship is forbidden. I can handle the war, but my growing passion is unbearable. Each kiss ignites more forbidden desire. Each answer creates more questions. I am ready to make sacrifices, but will it be enough? My love can cost me my life and the safety of my clan. But this is a price I’m willing to pay.

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