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Three monsters saved me. They made me their captive. Now they’re determined to keep me. An attack by a mugger should have left me dead in a New York alley. But then they stepped in and saved me… Three eight-foot-tall monsters with long black horns, wicked sharp claws, and barbed tails. One of them ate him. My mugger, that is. But that isn’t all they did. They took me to their world, stuck me in a cage, and they’re showing no indication they intend to let me go. Ever. Now I’m their captive with no idea why they’d abduct me. The longer I stay, the more my questions multiply. Not only about what these monsters want, but why they’re turning out be sweeter than any man on Earth. In the midst of all this confusing behavior, I’d also like to know why I’m having spicy dreams about them hot enough to make me blush. Escape isn’t going to be easy. And even if it was possible, why does it feel like a bond is forming between my captors and me? Shame not all the monsters in this world like the idea of me sticking around. Or even about me breathing. Can my monsters save me again?

My favorite mistake is back in town looking hotter than ever. I can’t believe Rachel freaking Bradly is standing here in my office, looking sexy as hell. Her company is in trouble, she needs me to bail her out. Back in high school, she was the hottest thing in class and my bad-boy charms won her over. We were in love, inseparable. Until Rachel shattered my heart into a million little pieces before running off to college. Now she’s back, igniting all the longing and passion I kept buried inside. And the way she’s looking at me… I want to devour her whole, take her and claim her as mine, right here on top of this desk. The problem is I don’t trust Rachel any further than I can throw her. As her new boss, I can either give her a second chance, or I can finally get some sweet revenge against the one who broke me. Or maybe I’ll do both, in precisely that order…

An ex-cop and a Mob princess? A recipe for disaster, That tastes too sweet to ignore. She was my student, too feisty and beautiful to ignore. Too dangerous to act on my attraction. A mob princess studying to become a cop. Fire where I was ice, an ex cop turned criminology professor. Even looking at her that way was wrong, forbidden. But when her life is in danger, I’m the only one who can keep her safe. I take her to my home. Into my bed. It’s too late and I won’t be able to let her go. A rival Mob family snatches her. They don’t know who they’re dealing with. I’m going to get her back and destroy them. I can’t resist her. I can’t lose her. Even if it costs me everything.

I slept with my dad’s best friend and it’s safe to say that it wasn’t on my to do list. When I see Jack at a charity event for veterans, I don’t have a clue who he is. All I see is a wealthy, older man with obscenely good looks, who lures me in. Looks turn into conversation and then into a steamy night of passion. When we discover that Jack is my dad’s best friend, my horror matches Jack’s anger, and we agree that’s as far as things can go. I’m sure I made the right decision, because not only is Jack 20 years older, but he hides more skeletons than a haunted house. But inevitably, we can’t resist each other, and we start meeting in secret, with our connection growing stronger every time. I want to be with him, but can I handle the weight of his past and the burden of our secrets?

Patience, a witch with a thirst for answers, finds herself trapped in a web of lost memories and unanswered questions, even after half a century. Plagued by haunting visions of piercing red eyes and plagued by mysterious dreams, the truth eludes her. Seeking distraction, she defies all laws and infiltrates the forbidden vampire club, Moarte. Little does she know, her world is about to spiral into darkness. When her closest friend, Michael, undergoes a terrifying transformation into a full-fledged demon, Patience is driven to desperate measures. She binds him to his vampire lover, hoping to save him from the abyss. But the situation takes a treacherous turn when Lucius, the formidable brother of Michael’s vampire escort, emerges with a seething hatred for witches—and an undeniable magnetic pull towards Patience. Forced into an unlikely alliance, Patience and Lucius must join forces to locate a precious soul gem that holds the key to breaking the deadly bond before Michael and his brother’s soul are irrevocably lost. As their dangerous alliance deepens, long-buried memories resurface, connecting them in ways they (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

I agreed to become the billionaire’s wife, not a pawn in his twisted love games. When my reclusive billionaire boss proposed to me, I should have known it was too good to be true. Now he’s bound me in this gilded cage, leaving me no room to maneuver. If I refuse to remain a pawn in his sick games, he’ll destroy my life and send me to prison for crimes I didn’t commit. So, here I remain as his love toy, him and his identical twin brother’s. Each night I must choose which one of them will ravage me until I’m breathless. In return I’m offered a life of great wealth and privilege. My own body betrays me as it grows to crave their heated touch, especially that of the brother’s. But this twisted game won’t turn out the way they planned. One of them is destined to become the great love of my life. And the other will end up…dead. 

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