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He’s a happy bachelor. She’s vowed never to marry. Then a little girl changes everything. Holden Blackwood’s brothers are all happily married, yet he has no desire to join their ranks. His family would love nothing more than to see him settle down with a good woman. But the good woman in Holden’s life, Frankie Malone, is perfectly happy with the “friends with benefits” arrangement they share. Growing up with a mother who thought her happiness depended on men, Frankie learned the hard way to take care of herself, and that’s how she likes it. Until a child comes into the picture. When Frankie becomes the unexpected guardian of her young niece, Sophie, her treasured independence comes under threat. And a custody battle with people who don’t have the child’s best interests at heart suddenly puts marriage on the table. Holden and Frankie agree to commit – for just as long as it takes to secure custody of the little girl. But can their heads really rule their hearts?

Quinn Carter isn’t looking back. After falling for the wrong guy and getting burned, she’s planning to stay far away from trouble. She worked hard to leave her reputation behind. Now in college and starting fresh, she’s not going to let any ‘bad boy’ ruin things again. Especially not the one she always dreamed about. Ransom Ward knew Quinn was off limits in high school, but they weren’t there anymore. He had a dream to build something better for himself and his crew, so he turned his sights on the fast-paced world of car racing. Now an expert at building and racing cars, he’s worked hard, but the girl that was out of reach is back and threatening to take it all away. Quinn thought she could resist, but sparks fly as Ransom threatens to unravel her carefully laid plans. Can she keep her defenses up to resist temptation?

Surviving a car accident and grappling with amnesia isn’t the worst of it. Rebuilding my memories with an irresistible Billionaire who remains steadfastly by my side makes it bearable. Falling for him all over again feels both inevitable and exhilarating. Who could resist the magnetic pull between us? He’s an incredible asset in managing the bookstore I own, Red Delicious, and his extensive knowledge of literature is astounding. And to add to his admirable qualities, he is also a devoted and loving father to his adorable son. Meanwhile, my ex-lover resurfaces, determined to reclaim what we once had. But Ethan, the man who has become my rock, won’t back down.

Falling for four gruff tattoo artists is unexpected…getting pregnant is catastrophic. I’m the girl everyone looks to for a sunny comment and a bright smile. That’s why my attraction to four older ex-military men with silver in their hair and dark ink all over their muscular bodies comes as a complete surprise. We have nothing in common, but I’m putty in their experienced hands. Lion-hearted Hutch always thinks he knows best, so why do I have the urge to kiss the scowl right off his face? Mace is restless and ready to go where life takes him. He shows me things I’ve never seen and makes me feel things I’ve never felt. Temperamental Christian is an exceptional artist and often gets lost in his work, but when he turns his soulful eyes on me, he lights me on fire. Zipper tells me my positivity is naïve, and I argue that his grumpiness is a drag, but he drives me to break every rule and imagine a different life. They make me feel safe, and the more time I spend with them, the more I start to care. They mark my skin and imprint themselves on my heart…but our fling leads to consequences. I’m not expecting that the five of us will form a happy little family, but the men deserve to know about their newest creation, and I need to find the words to tell them they’re going to be daddies. 

Prentice Wright was one of the best quarterbacks in the league. He was known for making all the right moves on the field. It was how he led the New York Nighthawks to victory so often. Falling for his teammate’s sister wasn’t a smart play. Especially when Naomi Scott was more than a decade younger than him. But Prentice was also known for being relentless in the pursuit of his goals . . . and he’d never wanted anything more than to make Naomi his.

I don’t do relationships. With divorced parents and a father who hasn’t contacted me in over twenty years, I’m not the kind of girl who dreams of being swept off her feet by prince charming. I do that by myself, every day, in the dance studio. So, when the most gorgeous man I ever laid eyes on suggests we become friends with benefits, it feels like I’ve won the lottery. But after our arrangement is forced to stop due to a bad fall, Braden starts showing up at my door with food and reveals another side of him. A caring side that makes me—and the lines we drew—melt away. Throw in undeniable chemistry, domestic activities, the fact that he’s my estranged dad’s right hand, and complicated doesn’t even begin to cover it.

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