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He’s a billionaire bad boy. Playboy, Womanizer. A boss with a contract for me. “Enzo and Penelope are engaged!” Penelope: With five little words, my world completely changed. Just two hours ago, I met Enzo Jennings – arrogant, uber-rich, tech mogul turned candidate for Senate. He’s gorgeous, of course, but I have nothing in common with the A-list blonde women he usually takes to bed. That’s why they chose me, though, right? Because I am better for his image? But what about my image? I’ve lost my job over this, and now I have to play fake fiancé with a man I’m not sure I even like. When the stakes get higher, and the lines between personal and professional get murkier, will I be able to see this through…or will I be left with nothing? Enzo: I do not do relationships. Ever. Now I am stuck in a fake relationship with a woman who makes me question everything I know about myself. She cannot know how I feel about her. This has to end come November.

She’s off limits and I follow the rules—normally. In my line of work, rules keep you alive. They are not to be broken. For anything. Or anyone. But I’m barely keeping my head above water with my sexy new rookie. She’s out of bounds. My mentor’s daughter. Everything I shouldn’t want. But I need her. I’ll teach her how to follow the rules on the job. In bed? I’ll show her how good it feels to break them.


After nine excruciating months, I’ve finally escaped the prison of my lamp. To my great surprise, my long-awaited freedom introduces me to three drop-dead gorgeous shifters. The best part—Jeremy, Zachary, and Adam are my new masters. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. But if I’ve learned anything in the last nine months, it’s that nothing is normal. I’m between the menacing fae Prince who wants me and the lamp back, and wondering if the shifter trio are the rightful owners or thieves who stole it from the demon master. But anything is better than returning to the fae prince. Now all I have to do is not fall in love with my new masters. That would be bad, but what the Jinn Council doesn’t know can’t be wrong. Can it?

Roses are red, violets are blue, love can be sweet, but it just might kill you… Avery Dawson had a plan. Now that she was done with college, she would focus on working hard and building a thriving landscaping business. Finding love was not on the agenda. Until she met him. Jaxton Knight was charming, sexy, and passionate. It didn’t even matter that he was famous. He was like a romance novel hero. He had it all. Including a dangerous past. Too bad she didn’t think to ask him about that before she fell for him. Because now, his ex is stalking her every move…and the harassment is escalating. Soon, she’ll have to decide if pursuing a happily ever after with Jaxton is worth the potential cost. Especially when that cost might be her life…

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