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The fake engagement is only the first secret. Can two wrongs make it right? ‘Bold’ might as well be my middle name, but out of necessity, I’ve channeled that energy toward my career. And while I have plenty of bold fantasies, when it comes to the bedroom, I have zero experience. So when a local sex club promises incredible first time experiences as part of their fundraiser, I jump on the opportunity to ensure my first time story will be memorable for all the right reasons. As a freelance journalist, I can also grasp the chance to write a spectacular article that will cover last month’s rent. And because my two best girlfriends deserve this kind of special treatment, we make a pact that we’ll all do it. The mission seems simple until my big mouth and one ill-timed comment land me in a fake engagement with a bratva bad boy who wants to share me with his brothers. As the lines blur between our personal connections and the article I’m struggling to write, I’m forced to decide if I’ll betray our developing relationship. And if the pregnancy test is to be trusted, I may already be too tangled in the world of the Russian mafia. 

Enjoy over 1,200 pages of sweet contemporary cowboy romance in this anthology of books from the Hometown Sweethearts series. Kissed by a Cowboy is all about first love/high school sweethearts and homecomings. Love Letters from Cowboy brings a combat veteran home to face off with the cowboy who has loved her from afar for years. Mistletoe Cowboy has the angsty “I’m too old and jaded for you” hero. The Bull Rider is a world-famous internet sensation—and can’t understand why the woman he is interested in shies away from him. The Brother is ready to step out from his twin’s shadow and into the spotlight—until he bumps into his high school crush. The Prodigal is a wounded hero who thinks he doesn’t deserve love. Cowgirl for Keeps is all about the one who got away. Jingle Bell Cowgirl is all about finding home when you’ve left and never want to come back. Heart of a Cowgirl is the awkward girl-next-door who falls for the most eligible bachelor. Three Days with a Cowboy is a geeky cowboy who is all grown up now.

Fear is the name of his game. Nothing’s going right in Melody Carter’s life right now. She’s broke, unemployed, and living in the shadow of her successful fashion-model sister Sahara. But that ain’t even the half of Melody’s problems, the biggest one is Keith Taylor, Sahara’s new boyfriend who’s slowly worming his way into the sisters’ lives. Keith’s perfect to everyone else: successful, gorgeous, and at 35 he’s the co-CEO of his family’s billion-dollar company. But Melody feels she has every reason to hate him from his arrogance, his controlling ways, and how every woman he’s had a relationship with seems to disappear. While everyone else seems blinded by the silver-tongued bachelor, Melody will do anything in her power to prove that Keith is the devil himself.

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