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Enjoy over 1,200 pages of sweet contemporary cowboy romance in this anthology of books from the Hometown Sweethearts series.

Kissed by a Cowboy is all about first love/high school sweethearts and homecomings. Love Letters from Cowboy brings a combat veteran home to face off with the cowboy who has loved her from afar for years. Mistletoe Cowboy has the angsty “I’m too old and jaded for you” hero. The Bull Rider is a world-famous internet sensation—and can’t understand why the woman he is interested in shies away from him. The Brother is ready to step out from his twin’s shadow and into the spotlight—until he bumps into his high school crush. The Prodigal is a wounded hero who thinks he doesn’t deserve love. Cowgirl for Keeps is all about the one who got away. Jingle Bell Cowgirl is all about finding home when you’ve left and never want to come back. Heart of a Cowgirl is the awkward girl-next-door who falls for the most eligible bachelor. Three Days with a Cowboy is a geeky cowboy who is all grown up now.

I had an unforgettable backroom rendezvous with a rich, older man. I didn’t know he was my best friend’s father. 

With only a scrawled note of goodbye, I left my ex to start fresh in L.A. I got a job at a nightclub with my bestie, Christina. In true BFF fashion, we look out for one another and tell each other everything. Until the night I meet the sexy, silver fox, Rowan. His seductive stare melts me and I’m hypnotized by his gravelly, deep voice. I’d kill to run my hands over those rock-hard muscles that strain against the seams of his designer suit. And even though one-night stands aren’t my style, I can’t resist this powerful man. How was I supposed to know he was my best friend’s father? This isn’t the Daddy vibe I had in mind. I know he should be off-limits. What would Christina say if she knew my new favorite pastime revolves around dating her billionaire dad? But she’s no saint herself. The secrets she asks me to keep have put me in an impossible situation with the man I’m falling for. When it comes to where my loyalties lie, how do I choose between them? Just when I think my life can’t get more complicated, the little pink plus sign appears. Ready or not, Daddy is about to become a baby daddy.

One spell gone wrong syncs up the entire town of New Haven and throws every shifter into heat. It’s peak mating season and hormones are raging. Hearts and bodies take control, making all the decisions from a place of animalistic need driving each person to claim the one their inner animal is calling out for. 

Wren: They are the three most powerful men of their wolf pack. Their power reaches far outside their pack. I am their Luna, their Fated Mate, but I have a secret. I can’t shift. They deserve better than a Luna that can’t shift. They deserve a mate that can shift and give them strong pups. Pups that will carry on the Pack legacy. I did the only thing I could do. I ran from my mates. Silas, Luka, Ezra: She is our Luna, our Fated Mate. The mother of our future pups. Something caused her to run from us. What she doesn’t understand is we will search to the ends of the Earth to find her. There is nowhere she can hide from us. The primal chase to find her only inflames our blood for her. When we find her, nothing will stop us from claiming her, not even the unnatural desire and desperation pulsing in the air calling for us to take her, not caring about the time or place.

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