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Satine expects to spend a lonely life on the shores of Lake Galen. She does not expect a charming bear shifter with a monster crush. Satine lives in the small town of Folk Haven, a place full of mythical creatures. But even among shifters and sirens and dragons, she’s still seen as odd. Because Satine is a monster. With no human face to wear out in the world, she has to live hidden in her house on a remote corner of Lake Galen, alone most days other than the friends she has online. Alone until a bear shifter delivery man takes interest in her… Can Mahon convince Satine to come out from the shadows? Can she break down her walls to accept the passion he offers? Or will Satine also hide from love?

Maxine: A serious case of writer’s block and a looming deadline bring me to a remote mountain cabin where I hope to finish my next book in peace. I hadn’t counted on the insanely hot mountain man distracting me, though. I’m pretty sure he can help me spice up my scenes but I’m too inexperienced and afraid to ask him. Sawyer: The curvy brunette arriving at my doorstep to rent my guest room is going to be trouble. Too bad I can’t send her away because I desperately need the money. When I find out she’s a romance author who has no idea how to write steamy scenes, I’m tempted to help her learn a thing or two. Will she let me be her first and make her mine or will she run away like all the other women in my life?

I’m stuck on a plane next to my enemy, who is now a super hot billionaire grump. And to make it even more unbearable, he’s single, and we’re heading to the same destination. His muscular leg brushes mine and makes me twist in my seat. But I despise him for the way he used to bully me. Yet, the way he looks at me now gives me butterflies. The next three days he showers me with exciting surprises and undeniable passion. I’m starting to forget the past. Now I’m falling hard. My friends and family would kill me. They know our history. I can keep Ryan Hunt a secret, resist his charms and spare my heart. Or, I can surrender to my enemy and show him what he’s been missing.

They say: new home, new beginnings. But when I see my ex living next door, those old feelings return. I won’t be borrowing a cup of sugar from this next-door neighbor. Not after all the pain he’s caused. Jason broke my heart at prom seven years ago. Since then, I haven’t been able to trust another man. But I am offered no other option when I hear about my brother’s upcoming wedding. I desperately need a date and Jason is my only hope. Jason is the total catch. A hot basketball player with insanely good looks, that is impossible to resist. As we spend more time together, I allow myself to fall for him again. My heart is telling me that there will be no happy ending with this playboy. But could things be different the second time around?

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