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The billionaire boss needs a nanny, and my diva rock star sister kindly volunteers my services. Like I don’t have enough to do keeping her life in order. But when she jets off to Vegas for a quickie divorce, she leaves me behind in his small town. One thing leads to another, and I’ll spend my summer taking care of his kids. The twins are adorable—even if their father is a grumpy jerk and a tall, dark-haired, rich, blue-eyed, muscular man who needs to learn the meaning of work and life balance. As the summer heats, so does our attraction. Soon, I’m finding my voice and singing my songs, and we can’t stay away from each other. The bosshole surprises me with a softer, protective, nurturing side. His girls adore me and I could be falling for all of them. Could this be the family I’ve been wanting? Of course, the hot mess known as my sister has issues, and all drama breaks loose. Secrets come to light, and I’m given the opportunity of a lifetime—one that could take me away from the bliss I just found in Kissing Springs.

When an impoverished southern belle becomes the mail-order bride of a rugged cowboy… After refusing to marry the aging new owner of her childhood home, Annabelle Lane finds herself on the run from a ruthless set of debt collectors he hires to change her mind. In desperation, she signs a mail-order bride contract and hops on the next train, praying the groom she is matched with is a man worth running toward. The most sought-after range rider in the west, Ethan Vasquez is highly skilled at protecting livestock from bears, wolves, and rustlers. But it’s a job that leaves no time for courting, no matter how determined he is to have a family of his own someday. When a dare from friends has him scrambling to send off for a mail-order bride, he never imagines how quickly she will arrive or how much trouble will follow. It’s a good thing he knows a thing or two about handling predators. He can only hope she finds his heavily scarred hands worth joining with hers in holy matrimony after the first wave of danger is past.

Do I have feelings for my sister’s best friend? Of course not. That would be stupid, considering my sister once threatened to castrate me if I ever hurt Val. Hurting her is the last thing I want to do, which is all the MORE reason I can’t have feelings for her. Val deserves the world, and I’m NOT the man who can give it to her. But when Val announces she’s leaving town (and the country), I’m suddenly confronted with some very capital-F Feelings–ones that refuse to stay stuffed down deep where I’ve hidden them for more years than I care to admit. Having her crash in my guest bedroom until she leaves only makes things worse. Little by little, Val chips away at my defenses, and despite all the solid reasons I have, my resolve starts to crumble. The thing is–none of the circumstances have changed. Val is still planning to leave the country. And I … well, I might have gotten more in touch with my feelings, but I’m still the same man. NOT a man who can promise things like life-long commitment. NOT a man Val can count on. NOT the good guy everyone seems to think I am. If only I could get Val and the rest of this nosy, meddling matchmaking town to believe me–and if my own stubborn heart wasn’t trying to convince me otherwise. 

Dancing with the enemy is a terrible idea. Falling for him is so much worse. Angie’s life was a choreographed dance– thoughtfully planned and perfectly executed. Until a year ago. Losing her job, moving to a new town, and barely making ends meet? Definitely not part of the plan. Neither is living in the same town as Johnny—a guy with more charm than a box of leprechaun-themed cereal. His toothpaste ad-worthy smile might work on every other girl, but not on Angie. For the most part. When her dance partner breaks his foot and can’t help teach the charity ballroom dance lessons she’d agreed to, Angie is desperate to find a new partner. Not in life, of course. Just on the dance floor. Johnny is the last person she wants to tango with, but his help is an offer she can’t refuse. Besides, keeping your enemy close is supposed to be a smart move, right? But during the long rehearsals and late nights, Angie sees he might not be the villain she thought. Although, that’s part of his routine, isn’t it? She’s seen this story play out before. She knows all too well how it ends with guys like him. If she doesn’t tighten up her frame, Johnny will continue to cha-cha his way even closer. And this time, he might do more than step on her feet. He might stomp right on her heart. 

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