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A mail-order bride trying to outrun a broken heart, and the cowboy determined to fix it by making her fall in love with him… Eliza Jane Ferrell can’t bear the thought of marrying any man besides the beau she lost in the war. Poverty, however, along with the advances of a lecher who’s been hounding her, ultimately convince her to become a mail-order bride. That said, she won’t hesitate to abandon her would-be groom at the altar if he proves to be no better. Rancher Keegan Ford is bored, lonely, and on the hunt for a wife. The letter from his sassy bride-to-be sounds promising, with one exception. She makes it clear from the start that her heart will never belong to him. It’s a challenge he can’t resist. How hard can it be for one hat-wearing, horse-riding, cattle-roping cowboy to lasso the affections of a heartbroken southern belle?

Neither of them foresaw a future that might include the other, and they certainly didn’t intend to fall in love. World War I veteran Brian ‘Doughboy’ McGee didn’t need anyone’s help, but in the middle of a rainy February night, a woman shows up on his doorstep. She claims to be his ‘bride from the auld sod’ sent for by his family. Brian may be blind, but he’s not stupid, and the woman’s story doesn’t add up. Nevertheless, he allows her to stay the night with the understanding she’ll be gone the next day. Maudie Jean Carmody lost everything in the Irish Rebellion of 1916 – her infant daughter, her twin brother, even her freedom. Six years later, she’ll do anything to be reunited with her family, who now live in Chicago. She’ll even pretend to be a mail-order bride. But sightless or not, Brian McGee is not like any other man she’s ever met. Can a blind bootlegger find happiness with an Irish rebel?

Isabella: When one of my clients expresses a desire to meet national hero Riordan O’Connor, I’m determined to make the wish come true. I don’t expect the grumpy mountain man to be the sexiest silver fox I’ve ever seen or the sparks that fly between us. As we are forced to work together, I discover there’s more to Riordan than meets the eye. Can I convince him to let down his guard and give us a chance?

I’m trapped in a cabin with my best friend’s dad and no power. There’s only one way to keep warm… I’m a romance writer who has never been in love. Tall, sexy alpha males exist in my books, but unfortunately not my real life. Until that one night with a stranger… I didn’t know he was my best friend’s dad. He’s arrogant, grumpy, damaged, yet sexy as sin. I should keep my distance. But when his touch sends shivers down my spine, I know I’m in trouble. Now we’re trapped together and I can’t resist anymore. We were supposed to pretend it never happened. But the spark between us is undeniable. Will my best friend accept me as her stepmom?

Last night’s hookup? An arrogant fae prince who wants my throne. Last night’s hookup was just supposed to be a fun distraction from my mundane life in the mortal world. But when I wake up to find that my sexy stranger is actually a fae prince—and my direct competition for the throne of the Realm of Indulgence—I realize I’ve stumbled into a deadly game of power and seduction. He’s a cruel bully who wants nothing more than to crush me under his heel, but I won’t back down. With wolf shifters, sensual lures, and war wielders all vying for my throne (and my head), I’ll need to rely on my scrappy street smarts and my hidden powers to survive. And as I grow closer to the dangerously attractive fae prince, I realize that my heart may be my most vulnerable asset of all. But can I trust him—or anyone—in this treacherous realm where everyone seems to have a hidden agenda? In this dark enemies-to-lovers romance filled with secrets, danger, and steamy passion, I’ll fight for what’s mine—even if it means taking on the biggest bully of them all. 

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