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Hawk Palmero is a tough bastard who never falls for anything. At least, until he saves a pretty little bird from getting her ticket punched. Now she owes him and owning a member of Dirty Sinners is never good–unless you’re looking to be owned forever. Harlow grew up on the streets, so nothing scares her. Well, unless it’s the soft way Hawk looks at her when she owes him something–and more than the debt she needs to repay. Because he does not want her to repay him by using her skills as a thief. No, he wants her to pay him back with her body and her heart. Neither of which she has ever given before.

In my frenzy, I ran into something without realizing it. Big hands closed over my shoulders as I gripped the chest they belonged to. Under other circumstances, I’d be elated. Green eyes stared back at me, his reddish hair hidden beneath a baseball cap, huge frame swallowing mine easily. Bridget had never considered herself special, odd definitely. But nothing worth looking at twice. And she had never cared to be looked at twice either. Until Declan, that is. Then one night Bridget is approached by a strange (and large) dog. Rescued by Declan, he reveals that Bridget may be special after all, a goddess even. And the dog has been sent to protect her. Does she have the strength to defeat a powerful witch and her three sons? Why is Declan involved in magic and mystery anyway? And can she save Ruad, her handsome mentor and the God of Knowledge into this new world? As they dig deeper, they uncover that they all have more in common than just their troubled pasts.

“Let’s get this over with.” His voice rumbling through the chapel like thunder. No wedding bells. No blushing bride. I have no idea who this stranger before me is. Towering over me, a foot and a half taller… All I know about this intimidating man is a family history of cold-hearted criminals. My plan: find any possible way out of my cage of horrors. But a plot twist stops me in my tracks. Now the man I’ve been running from becomes my only possible hope of freedom. And when he finds out I’m pregnant with his baby, He becomes something completely new: A husband who’ll turn the whole world into ash before he lets his own family burn.

With one simple favor, I fell for the sexiest woman in the world – my best friend’s daughter. Lena is gorgeous. Sweet, sensual, fascinating. An angel who should not be staying with a much older, rough man, even if it’s at her Dad’s request. Protecting Lena for a few days should solve her stalker problem. He’ll take one look at my size and back off. If he shows his face, I’ll end him. I shouldn’t feel this possessive, this wild about a girl I barely know. She’s already mine. I’ll do anything to save her from her fears. But who will save Lena from my obsession?

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