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Five years ago I had a one-night stand. Now he is staring at my daughter wondering why she has his eyes. It was the night of my 21st birthday with the man I thought I’d never see again. It turns out the Universe has a bad sense of humor. He is now my new boss. Gorgeous, grumpy, billionaire. He is completely off limits, but we can’t stop making eye contact, bringing us back to the mind blowing night we shared together. My baby girl and feelings for him are supposed to be secrets. Until, my daughter meets him by accident and he sees himself in her. Now my secret is out and he has a decision to make. I can’t lose my job and he can’t lose his reputation. Will he shatter my heart or will he become the daddy my daughter deserves?

It isn’t easy being adored by the hunky Hollywood bachelor who’s my new neighbor. Okay, sure, that part might be easy. But, I never asked for the celebrity next door to keep coming around, offering to help me on my farm. He can keep his winning smiles to himself and quit trying to make me laugh, because there’s one little problem: We were best friends once, and he doesn’t even remember. Now he’s shoveling things I don’t want to shovel and working shirtless under the hot sun while I’m very much not looking. Though he’s kind and funny and everything I’ve ever wanted, I keep reminding myself that I can make this farming thing work without Mr. Amazing Abs. Alright, I admit it. I looked! (He’s Parker Bingham. You’d look too). I can’t pretend anymore. Not while I’m in danger of falling harder than ever. He’s already forgotten me once, but I eventually recovered. Mostly. This time? Being forgotten could shatter me completely. So now I have a choice to make. Should I give the guy a second chance or protect my heart and kick him to the curb for good?

When my best friend asks for a favor, I’m pretty sure she didn’t expect me to hook up with her dad! When I agreed to attend an event in her place, I didn’t expect to meet and spend the weekend with a gorgeous, tattooed, silver fox older man. I’ve NEVER been into older men, but there is something about him that stirs emotions in me that I’ve never experienced before. I thought walking away from him without sharing my real name was the worst mistake I ever made. Little did I know… the man who set my heart on fire is my best friend’s dad. The chemistry between us is undeniable and becomes too much to resist. Each stolen glance and secret encounter leaves me wanting my own “forever”. If she ever finds out, both of our relationships with her would be destroyed. I am afraid that I’ll have to choose. Jeopardize my longest friendship…. Or risk everything for a forbidden love that could leave me heartbroken and alone.

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