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I was on the run from my ex, desperate for a fresh start, when I stumbled upon a restaurant and began working for a grumpy new boss. He intimidated me with his bluntness and dominant demeanor. But when we got trapped together, something ignited between us. He had been hurt in the past, and I could tell he was hesitant to open up again. But when I finally told him about my last relationship, his protective side came out in full force. Just as we started to fall for each other, my ex found me again. I was too scared to say no when he forced me to go out with him, but thankfully, I managed to escape. After taking me to the hospital, we found something far more unexpected than bruises. When I told my boss-turned-lover what really happened, he vowed that nobody would hurt me again. I don’t know what will happen when he finds out my ex… is his brother.

A teacher, a cowboy firefighter, his young nephew and a sweet puppy… Teacher Ella Morgan is moving to Whistle Stop for a chance to start over. She’s inherited a mountain cabin—in dire need of renovation—as well as a sizable tax bill. Her teaching job isn’t going to cover the accumulated debt. She needs cash, and soon. Firefighter Tony Granger has returned to his hometown in order to take over the family ranch and be the guardian of his orphaned nephew. But being a single parent isn’t coming easy, and he’s worried he won’t succeed with his plan to adopt the boy, especially if Johnny’s grades don’t improve. He needs a break, and fast. When Ella finds out Tony doesn’t have a partner for the Dancing with the Firefighters’ benefit contest—which is offering a large cash prize—and he asks her to tutor Johnny, it looks like their problems might be solved. But when a rescued puppy leads them into danger, they find their greatest strengths.

Billionaire Grump’s Secret Love: An Enemies to Lovers Boss Romance Box Set

Book 1 – Billionaire Grump’s Secret Baby: The boss I hate just might be my baby daddy. It was the night I’ll never forget. Every face was hidden behind a mask. Yet, I was irresistibly drawn to a stranger… He was like a god walking amongst men and I had to have him. It didn’t take long for him to take charge and claim me between the sheets. But I have yet to see his face. I was daydreaming about the stranger at work. Until my boss walks in… Gawd, I hate him. Harrison Sloane. The grumpy, stubborn billionaire who thinks he’s god’s gift to women. But somehow, Harrison reminds me of the stranger. I might have been sleeping with the boss I hate. And to make things worse, I’m now pregnant with twins…

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I am stuck living with my best friend’s rude and arrogant dad. All hell’s gonna break loose when she finds out he’s my protector and my baby daddy. Our worlds collide from opposite ends of the spectrum. He is older, wiser, and steaming hot with a god-like body. I sense danger on the horizon as our eyes meet. I gave up my music career to escape trouble. I don’t need any more. We keep brushing up against one another in this one-bedroom cabin. The tension is high, but I feel a sense of security with him. All it took was a stolen kiss, and we couldn’t stop the hunger for more. The shocking news leaves my best friend speechless. We can’t wipe the smile off her daddy’s face. When we find out we’re having a baby.

Damaris: Is it illegal to stare at someone while having filthy thoughts? What kind of trouble would I be in if the devastatingly handsome man I’ve been watching were to discover me? Four days out of the week, Nino Lucas comes strolling into the café I work at, a beefy bodyguard in tow. The way he quiets the room with his dark gaze should scare me, should make me want to stay away… but it does the opposite. From my corner of the world, hidden from view from the rest of the restaurant with nothing but stacks of dirty dishes to keep me company, I stare at the man who occupies my thoughts day and night. My behavior is horrible… downright indecent and if anyone found out, I’d die of embarrassment. But despite it all, I continue, safe in the knowledge that he’ll never look my way. Because if there’s one thing I know… gun-toting criminals are not into shy virgins. Nino: Is it illegal to kidnap someone that’s been watching you? Probably, but I’ve never cared about the law before. Why should I start now? Aww, the poor misguided angel. She thinks she’s safe, hiding away in that room, staring at me with those beautiful golden eyes as (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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