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He wants to build me up, but I might be the one who brings him to his knees… I’m in a bad place right now. But Coach Garcia is just the man to fix my broken heart. I’ve finally done it. I gathered up my courage and kicked my gaslighting boyfriend to the curb. My whole life is upside down and everything seems so bleak — my classes, my apartment, my life. Why now, when I’m supposed to find time for me, do I bump into the hottest, most eligible bachelor on campus? Why can’t I control myself around Coach Cole Garcia?Is he something more than just a way to get over my ex? Is he the man who can bring me out of my shell? I never imagined my life would change as I walked across campus. Until I run into the wild-haired writing professor. She’s straight out of a relationship. I should leave her alone or risk being nothing more than a rebound. If that’s the case, why can’t I leave her alone? But there’s a lot going on beneath the surface, including her ex who can’t seem to take no for an answer. It might cost me everything, but I won’t rest until I have her.

Wyatt is no trespassing Goldilocks. He’s an injured wolf-shifter seeking shelter from the storm. Wyatt’s wolf shifter pack has spent months tracking down and protecting four nearly forgotten mystical relics from the unscrupulous schemes of a dangerous cabal. Now, it’s up to Wyatt to find the final matrix before it falls into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, a haunted forest and the three legendary wise women who inhabit it are just as determined to hide their secrets from the rest of the world. For millennia, the Aeghrum Forest, and the powerful Earth Stone it safeguards, have been protected by the Guardian, the Guide, and the Keeper. With the legacy of her mother’s unprecedented betrayal casting a long shadow, Kory is uncompromisingly dedicated to her role as the current Guardian. Her determination and rigid loyalty have never wavered. But the wounded stranger she finds asleep on the floor of her cottage could bring disaster into her forest and her life. Can Kory trust Wyatt to help protect the forest and the Earth Stone? More importantly, can she trust her own heart not to lead her down her mother’s traitorous path?

He’s my coach. Totally off limits. Yet he won’t accept no for an answer. Gorgeous, former NBA All-Star player. Evan Young. His mesmerizing face and chiseled body have graced the cover of magazines and advertising billboards. I didn’t recognize him the first time I met him. Not even when we gave in to our desires and I lost my clothes along the way. Bad move on my part to pick the worst time to reveal I’m a virgin. Within minutes, he ended our evening. Stunned and hurt at his reaction, I knew I wouldn’t be hearing from him again. Yet, imagine my shock weeks later when Evan showed up at my practice and announced he would be coaching Stanford University women’s basketball team. Even more crazy? He wants to continue where we left off…. even if it means breaking university policy by dating his student athlete. If anyone finds out I’m playing against the rules with my coach…we are so screwed.

He is my brother’s best friend, and secretly my daughter’s father. Jaxon is an eternal bachelor and object of my every fantasy. On a high, I seized the opportunity for one night with him. He was off to the military, I was off to my dream job and my overprotective brother would never know. It was perfect. But getting pregnant, not perfect. Lying to my brother about the father, not perfect. And now, three years later, I’m working with Jaxon, definitely not perfect. I’m keeping Jaxon at arm’s length until we’re forced to work together. My true feelings for him are bubbling dangerously close to the surface. Because I can’t stop reliving the feel of his hands, his lips, his… But lies breed betrayal. Now I have to untangle this web without destroying everyone I love, our company and my heart.

This beast just found his beauty, but will he be able to keep her? Ryder: Life is full of surprises. For example, I never expected to find my mate, and definitely not in the middle of a snowstorm. I certainly didn’t think I would surprise her and cause her to fall and hurt herself. Now we’re snowed in, and I have three days to figure out how to prove to my curvy little mate that we’re fated to be. Sienna: I was only supposed to be in Alaska for a few days for work. Now I’m contemplating never leaving. There’s just something about the scarred man that rescued me that keeps drawing me in. When the snow clears, though, will I choose to stay with my beast or head back home?

Let the games begin… Camden: This trip was supposed to be stress free. A way for me to unplug from the real world and unwind. Then he shows up. Amos Briggs. Even his name is sexy. He also booked this secluded cabin until his house is finished being built nearby. He wants me to leave, but that’s not happening. I need this. The sexy mountain man will just have to find someplace else to stay. When he suggests a competition to see who gets the cabin, I jump to agree. I’ll win this bet in a day and get back to my vacation. Except he’s more of a temptation than I anticipated. This might be harder than I thought it would be, but I’m not backing down. It’s game on and I’m playing to win. Amos: My house was supposed to be done a month ago but there have been complications. Now I’m stuck staying nearby in a rental until it’s finished. At least the place looks nice. Then I get there and realize that it looks a little more than nice. More specifically, a certain someone in the house does. Camden Michaels. She’s here for vacation and she wants me gone but I can’t let that happen. Not when I might have just met the woman of my dreams. So I devise a plan to convince her to stay. Now I just need to win her over before she realizes that I’m not playing for the cabin. I’m playing for her. Game on.

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