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Embark on a journey into dark and taboo love with this comprehensive collection of four full length novels featuring vampire romance. Witness the enthralling saga of alpha vampire billionaires and their unwitting human partners as they navigate the tumultuous waters of attraction and conflict. Discover shocking secrets and be captivated by the heart-racing scenes brimming with blood, suspense, and intense passion as adversaries transform into lovers.

Bloody Billionaire: I’m disgusted with myself—a human—stuck in this estate, serving a vampire I’ve hated my entire life. I can get him alone whenever I want, but when I do… Arousal tints the air, and my body betrays me making me forget why I’m here. Ugh! Focus, Tessa! Just kill him, and you and your sisters get to live forever. That’s worth driving a stake through the heart of the man I love, right?

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Ridge Decker lives as far out in the Georgia wilderness as he can get. He leaves his cabin to cut trees and hike the rocky trails and nothing else. He doesn’t much like the hustle and bustle of the big city and he hates the headaches and hang-ups of a relationship. When a pretty princess finds herself on his doorstep—he knows she is worth any ache she might cause him. Rosa Souza is running from a life where she had no choices but she gets lost in a snowstorm. When hard and handsome Ridge finds her, she realizes he didn’t just save her from a blizzard—he saved her from a life of being lost.

When the lines are blurred between the dead and the living. Can love find a way for a ghost and a griffin? Galina: When I drank the “harmless” punch at the Screaming Woods annual Halloween party, I never expected to wind up dead. Other townspeople grew tails and claws. Not me. Nope. I’m trapped in a realm between life and death. Doomed to wander in search of a cure for the curse. Which is pretty damn complicated when no one can see or hear me. No one except Xander, the town’s grumpy reclusive carpenter. Xander: Transforming into a griffin robbed me of a natural existence. Now I keep to myself in the woods, making my hand-carved furniture. My fragile peace shatters when an ethereal beauty manifests before my eyes in the abandoned guest house on the edge of town. Galina’s innocent blue eyes and pure soul make a mockery of my vow never to love again. Her heart may not be beating, but she breathes new life into mine, and I’ll move heaven and hell to keep my soulmate by my side.

Brooke Corvina has been at Goldcrest Omega Academy forever. Resistant to all attempts to match her to suitable Alphas, she’s a “special project” for the head of the school. She knows her father wants her to grow up and start making babies with a wealthy Alpha, but that’s not the life for her. After an unusual incident at the academy, she begins to see her escape route. The only trouble is her plan hinges on using the only men she’s ever perfumed for, and they might not be so keen on letting her walk away once they’ve helped her out. She doesn’t care what they want. This is her life, and she’s determined to start living by her own set of rules. She might be a bad daughter, a crazy bitch, and a broken Omega, but she’s not going to let one chivalrous Alpha and three insane Betas derail her big plans. But, maybe, if they play nice and rough, she’ll consider letting them come along for the ride…

Lieutenant Owen Mckinley swore to uphold the two cardinal rules at his new firehouse. 1) No drama. 2) No dating the chief’s daughter. But three shots, two margaritas, and one spider steered Little Miss Muffet straight into his arms. He had no idea the blazing beauty was the boss’s daughter until it was too late. Now two pink lines sent everything up in smoke. Can they find a way to turn one night into more or will it all go up in flames?

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