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All 3 Silverlake Shifters books in 1 hot box set! Over 650 pages of smokin’ hot shifter wolves, strong passionate women, secrets, lies, and danger—and breathtaking romance you can sink your fangs into!

Fugitive Mate: Jace, Alpha of Silverlake, is on the hunt for the True Mate who will save his pack. Emma is on the run from her criminal ex. One wild night entwines their lives—and seals their fate…

White Wolf Mate: Pack Second Rafe can’t forget the mysterious shifter woman who saved his life. But Terin is hiding from a dark past she can’t remember, and it’s about to catch up with her—unless Rafe can find her in time…

Tiger Mate: Sophia is a half-breed shifter with a deadly secret that could destroy two wolf packs—or save them. And Jesse, the Silverlake Negotiator, is willing to break his own deal and risk everything to have her for his own…

I need something to distract me from the death threat hanging over my head… and she will do nicely. I saw her the moment she stepped into the room, a goddess of sensuality, her body all curves, just waiting for me to plunder her…my body, my mind wants her. There’s no way I’m letting her get out of my sight until I make her fall in love with me …no way… Yeah, I could have anyone, I’m not dumb. My looks, my money, my status…and I’ve certainly slept my way through most of the world’s most beautiful women… Except now I’ve seen the most beautiful woman in the world. She has to be mine…

There is something about him. Something that makes me stare and wonder. Something that makes me imagine all sorts of delicious, forbidden things. Something that makes me want to give him what I have never given another man before. My virginity. Extreme? Yes. But then, so am I. I am not your typical virgin. And William Sinclair is not your typical man.

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