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A town that celebrates Christmas year-round is the perfect place for a newly divorced, six-foot-four ginger-haired baker to open his new business, The Ginger Bread Man. Too bad he doesn’t share the community’s love of everything Ho-Ho-Ho. Fake it until you make it, right? Or hire someone who has enough holiday spirit that nobody notices your lack thereof. Enter Honey Golding, the sweetest little thing Cal has ever laid eyes on. His much-younger new employee is off-limits, but his sweet tooth might overrule his common sense… and his willpower. 

A small town, grumpy + sunshine, steamy age-gap instalove romance with a guaranteed Happily Ever After!

A a marriage of convenience, age-gap, sports romance with a wide receiver who’s ready to do whatever it takes to permanently catch the woman who crashed into him. 

Dempsey Tate was closing in on the end of his career as a professional football player. To make his lifelong dream come true, he needed to secure one final endorsement deal. Only the company wanted a family man, and he hadn’t dated in forever. Then the perfect solution literally slammed into him—Skye Baird. She thought Dempsey was joking when he proposed after she spilled hot coffee on him. Little does she know their marriage of convenience will last forever.

Every week, I’m here with a different blind date. Instead of tending to them, my attention is always on the bartender. Axel is the guy I want, not these random men agreeing to meet up for a pointless date. I might be somewhat blind, but even I can’t miss the signs that Axel feels the same way. The way he scares them off with a scowl is enough proof. The burly bartender wants me as much as I want him. All it takes is one of us to get the courage to finally stop these perky dates for us to get somewhere. Once his name is thrown in, no other man stands a chance at owning my heart.

There are numerous ways to differentiate one person from the next. Hair or eyes color, personality, sense of humor, and so forth. For some, it’s a medical diagnosis. While that can be life-altering, it also doesn’t define you. However, it can shake you, change you, shape you. But our core remains-the need for acceptance, love. We’re here to give those that are perfectly imperfect their beautiful, heartwarming happily ever afters

From the second I looked into her eyes, I knew I had to protect my girl. Zinnia is gorgeous, but it’s her sass that makes her wildly sexy. Yet she’s delicate. Unbelievably sweet. I can’t stand the thought of anything happening to her. My feelings already run so deep I can barely think straight. I can’t allow her to ignore her own safety. I will not allow her father to move her away. Even when I cross a line, she steps up to help me when I need her. I’ve never felt this passion, this deep pull toward a woman before. She’s already mine. 

A steamy-sweet short instalove romance. Each book in the three-part series has its own HEA. They could be standalones, but it’s better to read them in order.

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