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Welcome to MacKenzie Cove, a small beach town full of big secrets…and deadly lies. Join the tight-knit first responders of the MacKenzie clan as they dodge killers and unravel mysteries: finding love and renewed faith along the way. A series of clean, inspirational action adventure romances, each guaranteed to lift your heart.

Rising Storm: Homecomings can be deadly. When retired Delta Force operative Rollo MacKenzie returns home to become chief of police in tiny MacKenzie Cove, he has lots of expectations… none of them good. What he doesn’t expect is to find his first love targeted by a murderer willing to do anything to bury a twenty-year-old secret.

Rising Seas: Fleeing his old life gave him hope. Will his deadly secrets kill their only chance at love? Detective Will Natchez isn’t who he seems. On the run from a ruthless gang of dirty cops, he’s hiding in plain sight. Getting hired by the tiny MacKenzie Cove PD was his first stroke of luck since fleeing witness protection. The second? Meeting gorgeous psychologist Viv MacKenzie. Or maybe that was a sign of doom. Because his whole existence is a lie, and the bill’s coming due.

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A bachelorette party brings me to the newest club in town, Club Curve, where I may have left my inhibitions at the bottom of a pitcher of margaritas. Accepting a dare to shimmy and shake my curves on stage during amateur hour, my courage is bolstered when I see him. His molten gaze collides with mine and I light up hotter than a fourth of July firework. We exchange numbers after a steamy, all-too-brief encounter thanks to my well-meaning friends—because you know—margaritas. I float home with all my happy places buzzing from the much-needed ego-boost. And just like that, I’m engaged in daily flirty text exchanges with my mystery man. The fantasy I’ve weaved comes to a crashing halt Monday morning when the new CFO of Harmony Hospital walks into the steering committee meeting and it’s—him. My mystery man is my boss’s boss. He pretends not to recognize me, but when I see him again at a charity function a few days later, he’s shooting daggers at any man who gets near me, then makes an eye-popping proposition lighting me up all over again. Am I willing to break the rules for him, or do I end things before I ever get a chance to make my fantasies come true?

It all started with a life for a life. In the wrong place at the wrong time, Gabby offers up her life to save a little girl only to find herself taken captive by a vampire. Ian is possessive, cruel, and unhinged–claiming she brings out the beast he fights to control. He insists he keeps her for her safety, even as he tears into her neck in fits of rage. Gabby vows to escape, but as she gets to know her captor and the danger he brings, she begins to question her own reality. Nightmares from her past haunt her, and the lines between morality and monsters become more and more uncertain. The beast isn’t the only monster in the church, and the vampire isn’t the only one with blood on his hands. Will Gabby be able to escape the monster, even if it lives inside herself? Like calls to like when it comes to beauty and monsters.

I shouldn’t want her, but… Being a single dad, I always thought I didn’t have time to fall in love. It’s not like there were many options in my scenic mountain town of Indigo Falls. Then I meet Jordyn. She’s everything I didn’t know I was looking for. She’s beautiful, smart, sweet, funny, and she’s been fueling my fantasies long before I laid eyes on her waitressing at Club Curve. She’s perfect for me. There are just two little problems. The first, she’s way too young for me and the second, she just happens to be my new nanny.

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