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Gorgeous. Luscious. And she should be off limits. I’ve only been the CEO for two weeks when I run into the most breathtaking woman I’ve ever seen. Jaelyn. Sweet, smart, creative. She ignites a fire deep inside me that rattles me hard. So sexy I can barely keep my hands off her until… Yeah. There’s a vibe. She feels it too. Of course I’ll help her paint sets to hit an impossible deadline. Of course I’ll stay in the art department all night if it means being close to her graceful, sensual figure and those perfect lips. But I’m her boss. Giving in to this electricity, this raw heat… We never stood a chance of being “office appropriate”. The next morning, I discover that being the boss has far too many privileges. And I’m supposed to just let her go.

Rigby Hunt thought he found the woman who was meant for him in Cleo Fox. But then the grumpy punter saw her on a date with another man and figured he had it all wrong. Cleo couldn’t figure out why Rigby gave her the cold shoulder…until she saw how something innocent had been spun by the media. Now she just had to get him to listen to the truth.

A single dad, age gap, sports romance with a kicker who’s looking to score the perfect wife to go with his instant family. Roan Ellis never expected to take custody of his cousin’s daughters, but that didn’t stop him from opening his heart and home in their time of need. When his lawyer warned him that their dead-beat dad’s sister wanted custody, he vowed to do whatever it took to protect the girls. Then he met Ava Cromwell and realized she was nothing like her brother. She loved the girls as much as he did…and he wanted to be more than just a co-parent with her. He was determined to win her heart.

If my fated mate knew what I was, he’d kill me. I’m a Necro witch with the ability to see the souls of other living things. Thanks to the shifters’ brutality, I’m one of the few left. Let’s just say we don’t get along. And then James Moore waltzes into my life. He’s not just the scorching hot Alpha of the local pack, he’s the most powerful shifter I’ve ever seen. After he saves me from being kidnapped by a rogue wolf, he drops a bombshell. We’re fated mates. It should be impossible, but the bond is strong and our burning desire for each other is undeniable. And to make matters worse, he insists I stay with him at his home, surrounded by his shifters. Shifters that will kill me if I make one false move and reveal my secret. So I’ve got to stop the kidnappers and figure out how to get rid of the bond. All while resisting my body’s lust for the dangerously handsome alpha and hiding what I am. Otherwise, being kidnapped will be the least of my worries.

Do I want to win this match or not… Jaxon Roark is my opposite in every way. I’m the controlled hockey captain and she’s the flaky, clumsy artist. And the lines are already drawn in the sand—stay the hell away from her. That’s the word from the big bosses. Except it’s damn near impossible to do when she needs a model for her art project, and I’ve drawn the short straw. She’s in my dreams and she’s there when I wake up, wearing barely anything except a paint covered smock. Sucking on her cherry lollipop. I’m used to discipline, and I’m used to knowing my opponent. She’s the only one who can keep me on my toes with her surprises. Although neither one of us wants a real connection, we can’t stop circling, and it’s making me dizzy. It’s no wonder I’m falling for this forbidden siren.

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