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Ember Nestor lost everything that mattered to her in one night. Her true mate was taken from her, and her mother decided to send her to Goldcrest Omega Academy where she must stay until she’s claimed by an Alpha. She isn’t interested in finding a new mate while she’s in mourning. She doesn’t think she’ll ever get over her loss, but a dangerous Alpha wants to claim her, and his persistence pushes her to go on the run. Escaping from the academy, she finds herself drawn to the two Alphas and their Beta who immediately recognize her as their true mate. Love was the last thing she expected to find in the middle of the woods, but it comes at a cost. Can she let go of her past to open her heart to her rescuers, or will she forever be lost to her grief?

Officer Tony Sepulveda is jaded. He’s had decades on the force, slamming it out in patrol, keeping the streets safe. When a new post opens, his sergeant puts Tony in for the job despite his protests. Community Policing? Working as the Resource Officer for local schools? Tony’s appalled at his new position. At first, he thinks this new assignment is nothing more than babysitting and community finessing. And Tony is not a finessing kind of guy. But then he meets Amber, a stunning mom at the local middle school, and suddenly the new patrol assignment is much more interesting. Despite her protective friends, sparks fly right away. Tony never thought this change in assignment would make such an impact on his life. Yet here he is, finding himself with a second chance at love as he falls hard for her. And she seems to be falling for him. Amber is becoming more than a just a distraction, until a local drug problem, one with dangerous repercussions, hits close to the schools and also hits close to Amber’s own daughter. Suddenly, Tony is more invested in his job than he ever has been before. Can Tony stop the supply and find the drug kingpin before any kids, school officials, or parents are hurt? Before Amber and her daughter get caught up in the danger? 

An age-gap, forced proximity, only one bed, sports romance with a wide receiver who’ll go the distance for the woman who’s meant to be his. Most professional football players didn’t appreciate being traded, but Clay Hensen was happy for the chance to play with his best friend again. With his new home under renovation, they were going to be roommates for the summer. At least until his friend fell head over heels, forcing Clay to find another place to live. When the new couple insisted he use her apartment, the hunky wide receiver wasn’t thrilled about living with a stranger. But after he met his new roommate, Clay had no qualms about using their proximity to his advantage. Whatever it took to make Marleigh his.

Rebounding with hockey’s bad boy felt more right than wrong when my ex dumped me on my birthday. Carson Rhodes is one of the dirtiest pro hockey players on ice and someone I can’t stand. I had one goal the night I landed in his bed. I wanted to feel good. It was meant to be nothing more than a one night stand, but my ex wanted me back. And I had to do anything to protect my heart. Even if it meant faking a relationship with Carson to keep my ex away. But something changed and we somehow keep falling into bed together. The pretending has never been easier, and I can’t keep my clothes on. He’s always been a player looking to score in the bedroom. But falling for another hockey bad boy is not my plan. If my heart is already on thin ice… is Carson the one who finally breaks it?

Jack Nickles has lost his mind. That’s the only reason to explain why he convinces his Uber driver to be his fake fiancée. One stupid mistake has earned him the label irresponsible playboy and to win his father’s respect he needs to prove that false. Bribing Kelly Jillian to attend the weekend conference so he can play family man seemed like the perfect plan. The only rule—no touching. They are like oil and water, so it’ll be easy. When Jack falls for the woman ten years his junior, will Kelly come tumbling after?

“Let’s get this over with.” His voice rumbling through the chapel like thunder. No wedding bells. No blushing bride. I have no idea who this stranger before me is. Towering over me, a foot and a half taller… All I know about this intimidating man is a family history of cold-hearted criminals. My plan: find any possible way out of my cage of horrors. But a plot twist stops me in my tracks. Now the man I’ve been running from becomes my only possible hope of freedom. And when he finds out I’m pregnant with his baby, He becomes something completely new: A husband who’ll turn the whole world into ash before he lets his own family burn.

It was almost impossible to sit between them, smelling the musk radiating from their sweaty shirts, and Clara not screech out in delight. But she had to keep the ruse going. She wouldn’t ruin this for the world. An innocent maid with lust in her heart gets the sexual awakening she’s longed for when two sex-crazed bandits kidnap her from her employer’s home.

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