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A new assignment. An officer trying to find a second chance. A hot blonde who is a much-needed distraction until danger lands at her feet. Officer Tony Sepulveda is jaded. He’s had decades on the force, slamming it out in patrol, keeping the streets safe. When a new post opens, his sergeant puts Tony in for the job despite his protests. Community Policing? Working as the Resource Officer for local schools? Tony’s appalled at his new position. At first, he thinks this new assignment is nothing more than babysitting and community finessing. And Tony is not a finessing kind of guy. But then he meets Amber, a stunning mom at the local middle school, and suddenly the new patrol assignment is much more interesting. Despite her protective friends, sparks fly right away. Tony never thought this change in assignment would make such an impact on his life. Yet here he is, finding himself with a second chance at love as he falls hard for her. And she seems to be falling for him. Amber is becoming more than a just a distraction, until a local drug problem, one with dangerous repercussions, hits close to the schools and also hits close to Amber’s own daughter. Suddenly, Tony is more invested in his job than he ever has been before. Can Tony stop the supply and find the drug kingpin before any kids, school officials, or parents are hurt? Before Amber and her daughter get caught up in the danger? 

My smokin’ hot, older ex-boss needs a fake wife to appease his dying grandmother. And he has his sights set on me. If I had a penny for every time that happened to me. I’d have… zero. I know deep down I’ll regret it, but he’s desperate and I need the cash. He’s number one on my enemies list but number one on the killer-smile-plus-chiseled-abs list. Pretending to be lovey-dovey with him at a family wedding is painful. Gorgeously painful. We end the night breathless with our clothes in a pile. My former self would just blow this joint, forget his woodsy cologne, and move on with my life. But the dreaded two little blue lines suddenly change everything.

A guilt-racked hero vows to save a fiery young heiress, even though he was the one who took her captive, even though he delivered her to the Monahans, even though she hates him, even if it costs him his life! Gage: I should know better than to think I can protect her. I’m a dark, dangerous disaster who leaves only destruction. But when I saw her taking care of those abandoned babies, something stirred in me… something ancient… This is why knights of old battled for the favors of a fine woman. She is the kind of woman for whom a man will go to war. Except I’m the one who put her in this danger, who put her at risk. Damn her! She’s making me reckless, messing up my mind with stupid sentiments I thought I had put behind me long ago. If I’m not careful, letting my feelings for her get the better of me, will get me killed. Sophie: I fought as hard as I could when he kidnapped me. Feeling the way I do, when I see the powerful curve of his back, when he touches me, is all kinds of wrong. But then why is he trying to save me from my brother’s enemies? Why is he on the run with me? And why, oh why, do I even care about this broken warrior’s nightmares …. 

I agreed to play the fake fiancé of my best friend’s brother…getting knocked up by him wasn’t part of the deal. I was broke and hitting rock-bottom when I ran into him. Slade was the first man I kissed…and then he broke my heart. He’s also my best friend’s brother, a billionaire bad boy and my long-time crush. I hate him. The last thing I want is for him to see me break. He’s infuriatingly hot and his rock-hard body is begging for my touch. One look into his mesmerizing blue eyes and I lose all control. His touch ignites a fire within me and I give myself fully to him. Both of us need something. I need money and he wants his inheritance. Out of desperation, I decide to play his fake fiancé. All I need to do is focus and not lose my head. Easier said than done. Our hot night comes back to bite us…with 2 pink lines.

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