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I never expected my one-night stand to become my billionaire boss. I moved to New York to start a new life after I lost my job. And I ended up running into my past. Yikes! He’s a grumpy, sexy, blue-eyed CEO…and my son’s father. The crazier part is that he doesn’t know. I haven’t seen him since our one-night stand six years ago. Yet, he still has some crazy gravitational pull on me. I can’t figure him out though. He looks at me like he’s stripping me naked with his eyes. Then he bosses me around the office like he’s having a bad day. Boy, I’ll show him. Well, that’s what I thought until I found myself on his desk. He kisses my neck, and I bite my lower lip from begging for more. I don’t know how long I can hide the truth if this continues. I need to keep my distance and ignore my desires for him. Until he’s ready to meet our son.

The doctor is in… the mountains, and I’m ready for a fresh start, but after a tense run in with my sexy jerk of a neighbor, I’m worried the life I have all planned out might not be the one I actually want. Move to Scarlet Ridge, deliver lots of babies, high tail it back to California and open my own practice as soon as humanly possible. That’s the plan, and I just moved into my new place, but I never thought my neighbor would be a hot mountain man jerk. Beckett is hot, possessive, and isn’t afraid to say exactly what he wants. He’s the last thing I need to be focusing on, but after a life-altering night together, can I really leave behind my carefully laid plans and take a chance on love I came to this mountain to gain experience, but I never thought one of the babies I’d be delivering would be my own.

I’m sleeping with my dad’s billionaire best friend. I headed to Mystic, Connecticut, a month ago to help a family friend, not seduce him. Mateo Steele. He’s a grump—damaged and broody. He is also a Grade A silver fox—former SEAL, with a fantastic body and beautiful blue-grey eyes. Being a 28-year-old virgin is a rarity, but I am ready to be broken open by this hot stud of a man. The problem is that he is off-limits. I started working at the beautiful Inn he built right on the water. While checking in guests, I’m checking him out. Mateo starts to let his guard down and saves me from a group of awful men. I help bandage his wounds and try to help bind his emotional ones. I can help Mateo be the man he once was. But I may lose my relationship with my father in the process.

The only mail-order bride contract with a rescue clause — a team of cowboys sworn to defend and protect any mail-order bride who runs into trouble during her journey west. A complete, 12-book, binge-worthy series!

Book 1: Hot-Tempered Hannah: A bounty hunter searching for a missing mail-order bride who looks identical to the only woman he’s ever loved… When Gabe Donovan is recruited to track down a missing mail-order bride, he receives the shock of his life. She could pass as a twin to Hannah Merrill, his former partner whom he thought he lost in a fire. If she’s still alive, it can only mean one thing — that she faked her own death — leaving Gabe precious little time to track down the missing beauty before the past she’s been running from finally catches up to her.

(Read blurbs for books 2-4 are available over on Amazon)

She was everything he wanted. He was that to her and more. A storybook family. Fire and passion. A great life. Despite disapproval from their families, they created their perfect love story. Vinny and Bianca were blissfully happy and that was absolutely all that mattered. Until it wasn’t. What happens when the devil enters your perfect world… and you invited them in with open arms? You let them connect with your children, your family, your entire world. And you didn’t look up until it was too late. Can Vinny save his marriage? Will Bianca let him? Can they remember why they fell in love or are they in too deep?

Izzy: They say a girl’s first love is the one she remembers the most. The one that makes her and the one that breaks her. Lincoln James was my entire world. My protector. My best friend. My every breath. Until he wasn’t. Twelve years later, he casually strolls back into my life. But the boy who owned my heart is nowhere to be seen. He hates me and I have no idea why. Devastatingly handsome is only skin deep, when the one you gave your soul to wants to shatter you into a million pieces. Linc: They say your past doesn’t define you. But that’s a lie. My past definitely defines me. The day my folks died. The day my brothers and I were thrown into the foster system as if we didn’t matter. And most importantly the day my best friend allowed it to happen. Isabella Dawson held my heart in her hands. Every beat was hers. The girl I was going to marry. Now? Now Phoenix, Hunt and I are back. And we want blood. Hers to be exact.

With one of the Fates working against them, do Serenity and Devon have a chance? Love is on the line and the Fairy Godmother Convention is in full swing. Serenity is trying to balance five hundred fun-loving fairy godmothers with trying to bond with a dragon–and Fate isn’t helping! Devon still needs to tell Serenity the truth about bonding to a dragon, but Fate isn’t having it. When Lucy the drag queen puts on a New Year’s Eve party to rock the Las Vegas strip, will this be the moment they seal the deal? Or, like Cinderella will midnight be the breaking point?

I thought Connor was different from the other men. I thought I knew him, and now it feels like everything was a lie. He’s just like the rest of them – using his power and influence to get what he wants. Maybe if I can understand more about his past, I can start to see him in a different light. I want to ask him more, but I am also afraid of whether I can handle the truth. We all have our dark secrets and haunting pasts. These are his…

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