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Soleil wakes up in what she can only describe as a dream. Beautiful gowns, castles, and then there was him—the handsome king. The ceremony. Generations of brides have been delivered to the King of Katrauina on their wedding day, wearing nothing save a sheer white gown. Presented in a glass boat, she is expected to perform the ceremony publicly or be doomed by the gods to the fated curse that will befall the world. A witch. A curse. A king. A woman. Percival Dupont has one duty. He has known this since the moment he was born. He is indifferent to this obligation… until he claims his queen. Something is different. She is different. He must be enchanted because there is no feasible way that he has fallen for his own bride.

An age-gap, fake relationship, BBW, sports romance with an offensive lineman who gets knocked off his feet by a plus-sized model. The only reason Jordan Stallard agreed to a blind date was to get his mom off his back. He needed someone to attend an upcoming charity gala with him, but the first person he saw when he walked into the restaurant changed all his plans. All it took was one look for Jordan to know that Wrenley Abrams was meant to be his. When he was stood up, he jumped at the chance to ask the beautiful hostess to go with him instead. Only he had no idea that Wrenley figured she was just stepping in as his fake date.

I’m riding my brother’s best friend, who’s also my boss…and I’m having his baby. I always had a crush on my brother’s best friend Dylan. He’s hot, rich, and grumpy, The essence of every one of my fantasies. After he rejected me on my eighteenth birthday, I tried to forget all about him. But then years later, he’s picking me up from the airport as his new intern. He’s still the sexiest man alive, but with more fire in his eyes. And those eyes are on me. Our late nights at the office become intense, And soon case files are swept off the conference table, And I’m yelling his name. We were supposed to keep it a secret. But nothing ever goes as planned… I just found out I’m pregnant. There’s gonna be hell to pay once my brother finds out his best friend has been having his way with me.

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