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Earthly pleasures hold a certain appeal, even to those from the underworld. Demons come to Earth for fun, but I came here because I knew something was wrong with me. The instinctual craving for violence felt separate from how I see myself, and I hated it. No matter how much I fought the instinct, it was always there, clawing at me from the inside and reminding me of its presence. My demon was demanding to be satiated. I wanted to escape, and when I fell for and bonded with a human, he turned out not to be who I thought he was. Although part of me believes it was I who corrupted him. I couldn’t allow myself to feel those things again. But Jacob draws me in, and I ache to touch and care for him with a part of me I long thought I had under control. My demon craves to possess, protect, and dominate. I thought I was past all that. In running from myself, I created a past I can’t escape, and now I’ve put Jacob in danger. And when my past lover catches up with me, it’ll be his life or mine.

I swore I’d never love the man that forced me to be his bride. Selena: I made a deal with the Devil. I stepped foot into the kitchen hoping to grab a snack, but my hunger soon died as blood pooled on the black-and-white marble counter. The talented executioner and head of the most powerful mafia family in Chicago, Domenick Satriano, stood there wiping red splatter off his cheek. He had spilt blood. My father did nothing as Domenick casually took my hand and led me to his car as if we were meant to be. I should have run that day, but something ignited inside me as his dark eyes gazed down at me. He pulled me toward him and I willingly came. I was weak to his touch. He told me he owned me, but I wanted to break free. Trapped inside his gilded cage, all I wanted to do was run. Every night, he used his wicked hands to break me. Every inch of my tender flesh burned after he finished. He explained it was a matter of time until I willingly came to him. My damaged heart kept me fighting his dark games. What happened when Domenick grew tired of the fight and used his talent on me? Domenick: I had been watching her (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

From the second I meet Rose, my obsessive nature shifts into overdrive. I want to write a song about the three tiny freckles forming a constellation over her eyebrow. The way the curve of her deep pink lips alters the rhythm of my heart. How her bright blue eyes have started a storm brewing inside me. Rose just moved south with her two sisters to escape the cold. My desire for her is already hotter than the sun. My other obsessions are instantly kicked aside. Her slight fussiness will compliment my obsession, once she gets to know me better. Once she realizes we already belong together. I just might have to walk away to prove that she needs me too.

He’s a survivor. She’s pure temptation. Will they outwit the creatures of their new world or become their next victims? The day the luminosity snapped off, was the day everything changed. Few survived, and for a brief moment in time, Lillie was grateful to be one of them, until she learned about the Infected… With only herself to rely on, and loneliness a constant companion, she tries to evade the horror that surrounds her. The world has become a brutally terrifying place, where inhuman like zombies leave a trail of destruction in their wake. Lillie succumbs to a night of passion in the arms of a stranger, reveling in the explosive connection they have. But in this new world, all good things come to an end. Circumstances tear them apart, leaving Lillie once again on her own. This time, Lillie has more to fight for. This time, she can’t afford to let her guard down, even for a second. When a twist of fate forces them together again, secrets are revealed, the stakes are upped, and it’s more than just Lillie’s life on the line. She might have survived the apocalypse, but that was only the beginning…

One dog in need of a forever home. One swoon-worthy ex-fiancé with an aggravating way of showing up everywhere. And two broken hearts, desperate for a second chance. Emily Driscoll is fine, thank you very much. Single yet again, Emily decides to move back to her hometown of Westshore Beach in hopes of starting over. When she adopts a stray dog with a knack for chasing cars and drooling on her kitchen floor, she discovers the town veterinarian is none other than her ex-fiancé, Jason, who left her at the altar in Cancún eight years ago. Emily tries to navigate her new life with her sassy best friend, her endearingly bohemian mom, and her rescue, Snaggles, at her side. But the more she bumps into Jason around town, the more she realizes that Snaggles might not be the only one in Westshore who deserves a second chance. After Snaggles breaks his leg and her perfect plans begin to unravel, Emily finds herself turning to her ex-fiancé for help. Jason is supportive, gallant, and patient—and, despite their past, one flex of his spectacular bicep has her belly in freefall. Dare she give their love another try?

Kidnapping the mafia princess will be the key to my ultimate revenge. Rhiannon: Things change. Sometimes not for the better. Xavier is no longer the maid’s son. Or my best friend. Now he’s wealthy and powerful–the dark don, in charge of one of the largest corporations in the world. I never expected the boy who always saved me to be the man who kidnaps me. Xavier: Some things never change. Rhiannon is still as fiery and beautiful as the day I walked away. Now I’m back, ready to seek vengeance against the one man who wronged me. My rival. Her father. If her father wants war, he’ll get a war. Kidnapping his daughter is the key to my ultimate revenge.

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