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Her best friends are murdered and a serial killer is on her tail, and she’s got a secret that could save millions of lives. The last person Gracie Benson is about to trust is a cynical Russian FSB agent. Pursued by his own demons, Vicktor isn’t going to let the killer escape, not again. But his plans for payback are suddenly threatened when he has to choose between justice or saving the woman he loves.

Michael and I came from different worlds in the past, and now, we live in other worlds under the same roof. When I lost everything, my best friend rented me a spare room in a mansion he shared with his brother, Michael. Michael never allows any stranger to get close. Michael owns the house; we became enemies at once. He’s a billionaire; I just lost my house to foreclosure. He’s a Hollywood movie star; I’m a grief-stricken single mom. He’s charming; I’m invisible. I never thought I’d fall for Michael. This alpha male is so bossy. Then, he is in my bedroom, undressing me with his steely blue eyes. A one-night stand leads to our shared surrender from enemies to lovers. Until I discover I am now carrying his secret baby…

He’s got wanderlust and no intention of settling down. She’s home to stay and has put her bad boy ex in her rearview mirror. After spending his life abroad, embracing his freedom at every turn as a foreign correspondent, Roman Chandler finds himself the brother nominated to deal with his ailing mother’s matchmaking shenanigans. Thanks to a coin toss, he needs to find someone to marry and fast. It shouldn’t be that hard in sleepy Yorkshire Falls where women fall over themselves to hook a Chandler man. But Roman only wants the one woman who got away. Charlotte Bronson is back home to put down roots and get her lingerie business off the ground. She’s not interested in her past or a man that chose to chase breaking news stories to the far corners of the earth over her. No matter how good they used to be or how combustible their chemistry still burns. It’s up to Roman to convince Charlotte he’s a changed man and here to stay.

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