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Love is the final test for this professor and his star student. Nico Valentino: My brothers are mobsters. Criminals. They rule their kingdoms with iron fists. I’m nothing like them. I’m an astrophysicist. A professor. My lecture hall is full of laughter. Until I set eyes on Norah Bishop. She needs my help, but I need her. And I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her. Even if it means returning to the family I left. Norah Bishop: All I’ve ever wanted was to be a scientist like my dad. But I stumbled into something I shouldn’t have. Now, the biggest criminal in Chicago is coming for me. And the only person who can help me is his brother… my new professor. I don’t want to drag Nico into this. But when he touches me, I lose all control. He’s my professor. I think I want him to be my forever instead. Loving him comes with a price. But losing him will break me.

“Catch me if you can,” that’s what Grace de Bruin says to her bodyguards as she runs away from them. Grace may be a princess, however, she’s definitely not demure or regal. She has a penchant for escaping her guards, but she’s not ready for Taylor ‘Hawkeye’ Edwards. He doesn’t intend to let her out of his sight. When Grace is sent away to avoid being embroiled in a war, she ends up being put into the PINC programme. Princesses In Need Corporation. They help princesses by extracting them, transitioning them, and transforming them so that they won’t be recognised and can live in the outside world whilst their country is in turmoil. Taylor has been a marine for years and after an injury is asked to look after Princess Grace, as no one else can handle her. Taylor tells them that he will be her last bodyguard. He will tame her. Neither of them expected to end up in bed together. And when she’s taken from Taylor it’s a race against time to find her and bring her home. Can he find her in time? What happens when it’s time for Grace to go home? Can Taylor live in her World? Did he manage to tame his princess?

Can love strike twice? Web designer and single mom Kim Dawson has been struck by love before. It left her widowed and struggling to provide for her daughter Zoey. Eight years later, she’s too busy providing everything she can for Zoey. Everything that is, except for a father, and Zoey knows just who that should be. Knox Taylor has begrudgingly returned home to the Orchard and has no plans to stay. Teaching horse riding lessons is something to pass the time until he can return to the rodeo. When he meets Kim, he can’t deny the sparks, or the fact that Zoey’s got him wrapped around her little finger. Kim refuses to acknowledge the sparks flying when she’s around Knox. After all he’s not sticking around, and it’s not just her heart on the line, it’s Zoey’s too. Can Kim risk being struck by love a second time when she knows he’s leaving?

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