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She keeps her nose to the grindstone. He’s steadfastly non-committal. But will their holiday fling turn into the real deal? England. Michelle Finch is married to her job. Determined to rise above her childhood bullies’ taunts about stupidity, the workaholic has set her eyes on partnership at her firm regardless of how dead it leaves her social life. But when she finally makes time for an Australian getaway to visit her sisters, her down-under flirt with a hunky local gets interesting when she discovers he’s her temporary neighbour. Patrick Dalton has made an art of avoiding responsibility. The freewheeling former TV child star is delighted to lock lips with a bubbly brunette – until he accidentally ghosts her after a desperate family emergency. When Michelle shows up in the next-door rental, he’s not sure he should launch back into the no-strings-attached embrace that was so rudely interrupted. Frantic when a grounded flight strands her far from the office and too close to the handsome Aussie, Michelle realises her heart can’t be constrained by the cold confines of a cubicle. And though Patrick is stepping up to give his teenage nephew a better life, he’s strongly considering sacrificing his singlehood for a lifetime of sizzling chemistry. Will their head-over-heels tumble open the door to a lasting love? 

Immerse yourself in this hot and steamy THREE FULL LENGTH Contemporary romance box set! These irresistible off limit bad boy alphas will have your heart racing and your knees weak as they stop at nothing to claim the women they love. Indulge in the ultimate escape with just one click!

Book 1: Forbidden Firefighter: I have a secret, and it involves my best friend’s dad. A one night stand with a bad boy turns out to be the most forbidden fruit. My heart drops to my stomach when I recognize his stormy grey eyes at our dinner table. With his perfect lips begging to be parted by my tongue. My best friend and her dad want to heal their broken relationship. I’m terrified of damaging our friendship. But our growing desire is becoming impossible to ignore. My pulse quickens when he becomes my next-door neighbor. Have you tried resisting a tall, chiseled, grey-eyed stud? My life is about to burst into flames. I’ve got a bad boy tease who won’t quit. And a plus sign on a pregnancy test.

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A composer who is losing his hearing. A singer who can’t find her voice. Can they risk losing their hearts? All Emma Gibson wants is peace and harmony. After escaping her ex-husband and the chaos of the country music scene, she’s settled into a quiet life as a professional home organizer. The last thing she needs is attention from a musician in a career crisis. Renowned classical composer Kendrick Bell doesn’t want to stop making music. But when he starts losing his hearing, he has no choice. An inherited house is the perfect place to recover his balance and bring his life back into tune. When Kendrick hires Emma to organize his house, he’s immediately drawn to her, impressed with her skills and unbothered by her silences. Emma is captivated by his kindness, and the way his voice makes her toes tingle and her blood hum with a song she thought she’d lost forever. Emma has sworn she’ll never get pulled back into the upheaval of a life in the arts, but Kendrick is desperate to restart his career. He’ll prove himself at any cost, even if it means losing Emma along the way. Can two broken people risk it all to make beautiful music together? 

Her life in tatters, Tara is stranded, desperate and without options. What started out as a fun summer adventure out west becomes a desperate escape from another destructive relationship. Tara’s harrowing attempt to flee over the mountains puts her in jeopardy until a much too cute cowboy comes to her rescue. Sensing unseen forces guiding her life, Tara begins building her new life only to discover that her cute cowboy rescuer is intent on pursuing her. Where has she landed? And who is this cute cowboy who is determined to have her as his own? When he saw her face through the window, Casey knew instantly that she was his girl. Casey is young, self-assured and complicated — intelligent, rodeo rider, musician and devilishly cute — a true renaissance cowboy-man. Will he succeed in earning Tara’s trust and in winning her heart? Can Tara overcome her fears, drop her defenses and allow herself to fall in love again? Come along with Tara on her journey west to find herself and the love of a complicated young cowboy-man.

I never expected my one-night stand to become my billionaire boss. I moved to New York to start a new life after I lost my job. And I ended up running into my past. Yikes! He’s a grumpy, sexy, blue-eyed CEO…and my son’s father. The crazier part is that he doesn’t know. I haven’t seen him since our one-night stand six years ago. Yet, he still has some crazy gravitational pull on me. I can’t figure him out though. He looks at me like he’s stripping me naked with his eyes. Then he bosses me around the office like he’s having a bad day. Boy, I’ll show him. Well, that’s what I thought until I found myself on his desk. He kisses my neck, and I bite my lower lip from begging for more. I don’t know how long I can hide the truth if this continues. I need to keep my distance and ignore my desires for him. Until he’s ready to meet our son.

Living in a town turned monstrous didn’t leave much hope for finding love, especially when you unexpectedly wound up with horns and flames swirling in your eyes. Koen Kelly didn’t think he’d find a ray of sunshine to ever break through his grumpiness. Then he met Soraya Lovejoy. The pretty author wasn’t afraid of much except for her looming deadline. She needed inspiration for her next paranormal romance, and staying in a place with real monsters seemed like the perfect way to get it. Only she never expected to find her own happily ever after with one of them.

Ember Nestor lost everything that mattered to her in one night. Her true mate was taken from her, and her mother decided to send her to Goldcrest Omega Academy where she must stay until she’s claimed by an Alpha. She isn’t interested in finding a new mate while she’s in mourning. She doesn’t think she’ll ever get over her loss, but a dangerous Alpha wants to claim her, and his persistence pushes her to go on the run. Escaping from the academy, she finds herself drawn to the two Alphas and their Beta who immediately recognize her as their true mate. Love was the last thing she expected to find in the middle of the woods, but it comes at a cost. Can she let go of her past to open her heart to her rescuers, or will she forever be lost to her grief? 

What’s a woman to do when the man she loves is being a silly, stubborn fool? Take him head-on… Kingston Lewis is the one for me. I know it… he knows it… and if he wasn’t so stubborn, the entire world would know it by now. I should be Cabella Lewis, a renowned artist instead of Cabella Abbott, a struggling college student. The artist thing is doable, but marrying Kingston? This is proving to be harder than expected. He insists on saying that we can’t be together. That it wouldn’t be appropriate or some nonsense like that. The list of reasons he gives is short and frustrating; he’s the dean at my college, almost double my age, and lastly… he just so happens to be my dad’s best friend. But if Kingston thinks his weak arguments will keep me from loving him, he is sorely mistaken. I plan on making that man mine, no matter what. After all, I am my father’s daughter; he didn’t make a name for himself by taking no for an answer. And I won’t find my happily ever after by accepting excuses. What’s a man to do when the woman he loves is untouchable? Avoid her at all costs… Cabella Abbott is the bane of my existence. She’s brash, persistent and a constant thorn in my side. She’s also beautiful, smart, and talented. And the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. But unfortunately for me what we want isn’t always what we can have. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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