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He’s the Italian Stallion who crushed my heart once, But OH what I wouldn’t give for another ride. He was a young foreign exchange student, And we agreed it was just a fling. Even though I knew in my heart it was more. Today he’s a full-grown man, impeccably dressed. Stacked muscles, piercing eyes, and too-good-for-you attitude. Just my type of red flag. The history between us runs deep. I can still remember his taste, Remember the feel of him inside me. Hearing my old pet name ghost his lips, Cara Mia, And I lose all my inhibitions. I’m not the same girl I was. So I should have known better than to let this serial flirt in again. Because if I don’t keep my distance, he’ll be my undoing. And I don’t come undone, for anyone.

Me and my hot ex-husband. Alone. In a cabin in the woods. With one tiny bed. Once upon a time, Davis Westbrook was my small town fairytale. We fell in love at 16. Married at 21. High school sweethearts destined for forever. Then in one cruel moment, fate stormed in, knocked over our white picket fence and stole our happy ever after. Davis and I moved on with separate lives. I run the local veterinary clinic. He is Honey Hill’s hot-as-hell chief deputy sheriff. And we’re nothing but cordial exes, ‘politely keeping our distance’ around town. But four years later, fate is laughing at us again. My best friend is marrying Davis’s brother. Which means, I’m the maid of honor. And my ex-husband is the best man. No biggie. We can handle this. We’re pros at the whole ‘keeping our distance’ thing. Right? Not so fast. We get caught in a violent rainstorm on the way to the destination wedding. Now, instead of ‘politely keeping our distance’ at the wedding venue, we’re stuck in a tiny cabin in the woods. With one tiny bed. As if that isn’t awkward enough, we have to pretend to be a happily married couple just to keep the roof over our heads. Dammit. Fate is pulling strings again. I was sure the spark between us would be gone by now. Oh, I was so very (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Chambers: Being married is part and parcel of being royal. I got the perks of going to the best schools, being catered to my entire life, and knowing one day I could take the throne. Being a Duke means I will likely never become King and yet I must carry myself as one. Up to being married to a suitable wife who will bear me children to be my heirs. I might not love my wife, but I will be a good and true husband. Besides we need to get along for just a few nights, long enough for her to give me an heir. At least that is the plan—until I get a taste of my new bride. I become insatiable for her with one hit of her sweetness. Duchess Charlotte might think our marriage is fake—but what I feel for her is anything but. Charlotte: I never wanted to be a princess. I never even wanted to be a bride. When I find out I am not just going to be married after my twenty-first birthday, but to a duke, I am less than happy. Sure, my mother always told me we had royal ties but we lived in Silver Shores, there was no royalty here. I never believed the stories about balls and coronations and the majesty of it all. They can force me to get married, but they cannot force me to love my husband.

A delicious, suspenseful series featuring the Silver Fox Brock Brother Billionaires, their secrets and the smart, sassy women that win their hearts.

4 Stand alone HEA’s with secret pregnancies, silver fox billionaire, brother banter, and the “keep you on your toes” never-ending suspense with their rival and evil half brother Apollo.

1-Knocked Up by a Silver Fox
2-Knocked Up by a Billionaire
3-Kknocked Up by a Doctor
4-Knocked Up by a Rockstar

Phillip is entering his junior year of high school with a bit of a reputation after what happened at the end of the last school year. Resigned to his new fate as a former football player, he meets a girl who gives him some hope. That is until he is visited by an esper who informs him that he has to “save the girl” or else bad things will happen to this timeline. But the question then becomes, who is the girl that needs saving?”

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