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You’d think with a guardian who’s a ghost, P.I. Lexie Smith would see what’s coming. But nope, that’s not how it works. Private investigator Lexie Smith almost has it all. A successful business with her best friend. A wonderful, loving companion—sure, he’s a little furry, and he drools, but nobody’s perfect. Even a house on the beach, complete with a wisecracking, street-smart, supernatural “intern,” who knows everything there is to know about crime and her nonexistent love life. Things are good until a dangerous assignment forces her to turn to the last man she can trust: Rafe Barandas, local police detective and the man who broke her heart years before. After a decade in New York, Rafe has returned to his small hometown, burned out on big-city politics and crime. He’s looking forward to the quiet life until he’s thrown together with Lexie to solve what starts out as a simple B&E. Rafe made a mistake the first time, leaving Lexie. Now he’s determined not to blow this new chance. But thwarting a cunning foe is one thing. Putting the past and lies behind is another.

I’m not the hero. I’m the rich villain… But hiding my identity will save my vampire baby. She speeds around the street corner, bleeding. I nearly expose my fangs before she passes out in my arms. Now that I’ve patched her at my nearby manor, she must leave…fast. But she’s still recovering. We butt heads constantly, and I try to keep a distance. She can’t discover what I am. Interacting with her is melting my cold heart, even with the walls I’ve put up. I want to feel her heat against my skin. One night of weakness, and now she’s carrying my child, And she has no idea I’m prophecized to kill her.

When a simple favor turns into an unexpected entanglement. Rowan Kelly has one goal for the next two weeks: throw the most beautiful wedding for her cousin. So what if the inn she inherited isn’t quite ready or staffed? She’s resourceful and scrappy enough to make it happen all by herself. She doesn’t need some nosy, charming stranger with smiles that both irritate her and make her woman’s bits tingle to swoop in to save the day. World-renowned hotelier Chris Sullens only planned on spending twenty-four hours in Vinalhaven. So why the hell did he sacrifice his well earned vacation and offer to help the fiery gorgeous innkeeper plan a wedding instead? He tries to keep things professional, but his self-control has its limits, especially when he suddenly has to play the role of the stubborn woman’s doting fiance. As strange occurrences threaten the wedding, the inn’s future, and Rowan’s safety, can they work together to keep things from blowing up in their faces? Or will their unbridled passion entangle them into something more than they bargained for?

Love gets fiery when a phoenix falls for an imp. Who says monsters can’t fall in love? In Screaming Woods, anything is possible. Welcome back to the little town turned monstrous by a party potion gone wrong. Your favourite instalove authors are bringing you hairier, scarier, and hornier monsters than ever before in this beastly series coming to your kindle in May 2023.

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