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Soloman Duke is an over-the-road trucker who likes the solitary of the open road. It’s why his buddies at Foxtrot Freight call him Solo. He has no time for a family or even a woman and he’s fine with that. Until a waitress catches his eye at a greasy spoon diner. As scared as she is stunning, he can’t help but want to ask what she’s running from—and he can spot a runner when he sees ones. Selena Gallo is running from a man who wants to destroy her life. Men have controlled her and kept her afraid for most of her life. But this man, this sexy and serious man, makes her feel safe and makes her want to run right to him.

Real estate agent Cambria Baker needs to make a sale, or she’ll be homeless. So, when her broker asks her to do a showing on Mount Hood, Cambria jumps at the chance. The only problem? The buyer is as gruff as he is gorgeous and not impressed with her or the dilapidated cabin. Tech billionaire Adam Zeile wants to build the perfect mountain lodge where he can forget about work and the women who are only interested in his net worth. He’s excited to see a property with a dream view, but the beautiful real estate agent’s eagerness to make the sale raises his suspicions. When a mudslide traps them in the cabin, they must put aside their differences. As mutual respect grows into attraction, an unforgettable kiss changes everything. But can their newfound connection last once they’re rescued? Or are they better off burying it and saying goodbye?

Nixon Scott’s dream of playing professional football had finally come true. His focus needed to be on making the most of his rookie season. But then he met Ember Walsh. All it took was one look for Nixon to know Ember was meant to be his, but the timing was all wrong. She was also off-limits. Falling for his sister’s best friend wasn’t the right move. But when she was set up with one of his teammates, Nixon had no choice but to intercept Ember and lay claim to his woman.

Can a bookish scientist find the man inside the monster? Uncomfortable with people, Victoria spends her days – and her nights – working in her lab. When her funding is terminated, her only option is a dilapidated building in the tiny town of Screaming Woods. To her surprise, the town’s inhabitants prove almost as fascinating as her research – especially the massive creature living in the burned out windmill behind her lab. Everything about the big silent male captivates her and for once, it’s not a purely scientific interest. After the incident that turned Frank into a monster, he discovered in the most painful way how dangerous he could be. Now he remains isolated from everyone and concentrates on his woodworking. He is determined to not let anyone close to him – especially not the buttoned up little scientist renting his barn. She has far too many questions on those kissable lips. As things heat up between them, can he believe he’s more than just another experiment? Or will his past tear them apart?

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