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Happy holidays! Dad’s dead. Diana hasn’t been home since the funeral, but when her sister, Liv, called with “big news,” she loaded her car and drove back to Colorado for Christmas. Things at home are strained, her sister is distant, and Diana is unsure how to celebrate the holiday spirit without resurfacing memories of their dead dad. However, everything changes when her friend invites her to a family dinner and exposes the secret of werewolves. As if that wasn’t mind blowing enough, she also has three mates that start asking about things she’s not ready to talk about. Carter and Reed have their moments, but Atticus is demanding, intense, and cold. Not only must she face the hurdles of the holiday season with volunteer work, obligated family drama, and bad Christmas mashups, but now she’s also risking losing her fated soulmates if she doesn’t accept them by the last full moon before the solstice. She has two weeks. Ghosts of the holidays past are coming back, but this time, Diana isn’t backing down. Will she be able to stand and face the fight, or will she turn and run again? One thing’s for certain, she’s Walking In a Wolfy Wonderland. 

I rode a cowboy and cashed in my v-card. What I didn’t count on was a baby coming along for the ride. I just broke up with my crazy unpredictable ex. For my protection I was sent to live with my father’s best friend. Jay Quinn. A sexy ex-Navy SEAL turned Billionaire horse tamer. But that’s not the only thing he’s tamed… It was one night of furious passion and just like that my v-card was gone. We try to pretend it never happened but the chemistry between us is undeniable. I’ve never been one for the outdoors, But this cowboy’s running a rodeo in my mind. As well as my heart and my bed. This is a dangerous game. If my dad ever found out, all hell could break loose. The last thing I expected was to have a baby saddling up inside me…

Could she be falling in love with a man who embodies her biggest fear, or is it only snake believe? Cora: Sent to Screaming Woods to write a magazine piece on its resident monsters, I’m ready to meet hairy beasts, ogres, vampires… Heck, I even have an interview scheduled with an actual invisible man. What I’m not prepared for? A snake man. I’m terrified of snakes. Now I’ll have to talk to a man-sized one on a daily basis, because he owns the motel where I’m staying and there are no vacancies elsewhere in town. Once the initial shock of coming face to face with a walking, talking snake passes, I start to see Leroy for the man beneath the monster exterior. And the more I get to know my snake man, the more I realize my biggest fear would be losing him. Leroy: At nineteen, I unknowingly drank the poisoned party punch that turned many of Screaming Woods’ residents into monsters. My future as a human vanished when I became a snake man. Twenty-plus years later, I wouldn’t change back if I could. I have the best of both species in me. My new anatomy has definite advantages, and because of them, I’m frequently propositioned. But that’s not the kind of proposal I seek. I’m the loneliest snake in town until the day Cora walks (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

A broken faucet brought this wandering spirit an unexpected gift – a place to call home. When I opened my bakery in Pine Knoll, love was the last thing I expected to find. A curvy city girl with a shy smile, I’d always been overlooked by men. Until the day Matt Taylor walked in. Our passion ignited under moonlit skies, leaving me longing for forever. But this guarded hardware store owner soon broke my heart, insisting we’d moved too fast. I feared I may never belong…until the townspeople showed me home can be found in the unlikeliest places. And love comes when you least expect. When Matt burst into my shop, frantic at losing me, I saw the truth in his eyes at last. In Pine Knoll, I found my way home. One unforgettable encounter with the man who sees my heart…changed everything.

Rule #1: Never fall in love with your single-dad, billionaire fake date. My solution to overcoming heartbreak was to swear off love and join a fake dating app. The goal: have fun without commitment and without letting anyone past my panties. All I had to do was hang out with a billionaire restauranteur, almost twice my age, for 1 night… for a massive payout. It seemed like the perfect no strings attached arrangement. But this Sugar Daddy has a lot more to offer than I expected. Now, things are getting confusing. I’m supposed to be his pretend girlfriend but we can’t keep our hands off each other, and it’s starting to feel real. And that’s when I panic… On top of that, this man’s got baggage and it’s coming after me. Everything’s so complicated and I’m wondering if the risk was worth the payout.

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