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1960, Appalachia. Owen Campbell is a man with secrets. He keeps to himself, finding isolation less painful than trying to fit in. He doesn’t need a woman in his life… Especially his lovely, intriguing neighbor Sarah, newly returned from college, whom he just caught trespassing on his land… Despite all that, Owen is drawn to her against his better judgment – he yearns for Sarah, and never mind the risk to his heart. But as each they start falling, family tragedies unfold, and misunderstandings force them apart. Will the secrets and heartache come between them, like the line that separates their mountain homes? Or will they find the courage to reach for a chance at a once-in-a-lifetime love?

Good, Naughty, Sex-Packed Fun! During a trip to ski country with three married couples and a newly divorced bestie, Farrah Lockhart catches three friends tangled in a naughty, sexual tryst. The steamy sight ignites Farrah’s sexual curiosities, arousing forbidden fantasies she never dreamed of sharing with her husband, Holt. Turned on by the idea of inviting a third person into their sex life, Farrah and Holt explore the lust-filled possibilities, quickly learning—Farrah isn’t the only curious wife in their friend group.

There’s no escaping him… Fate sucks. As a shifter, I’ve always known that Fate—in the form of our goddess, the revered Luna—would have the final say when it came to my life. That includes everything: my pack, my rank, even my forever mate. And I hate it. I want to choose. I want my life to be mine, and if that makes me the odd one out in our pack? Oh, well. As a delta, it’s not like the higher ranks—our Alpha, his Beta, and the pack council—have much use for me anyway. Still, even I’ll admit I’ve always been drawn to the Beta of the Sylvan Pack. When I discover that he’s my fated mate, it seems like giving in to the Luna’s demands might not be such a bad thing after all—until he rejects me for a female he can’t even have. Because, yeah. Not only does Fate suck, it has a twisted sense of humor when it comes to me. So that’s that. I have to pretend like my broken bond isn’t a constant ache while watching as my fated mate begs for table scraps from another wolf. Is it any wonder that I start spending my free time in the woods surrounding our territory? I wasn’t afraid. Even at my low rank, I know I’m scarier than anything else that lurks in the darkness of the trees. But I was wrong—and when I see those insane golden eyes staring at me, I know I’m in deep, deep trouble. My name is Quinn Malone, and I’ve just been captured by a feral…

So I met a billionaire with the hottest buns. And I know all about hot buns – I work in a bakery. I thought I’d found the perfect solution to save my bakery. A corner lot that would help me expand and keep my dreams alive. But there’s a catch. A big, handsome, infuriating catch. Jon, the intoxicating business mogul, is set on acquiring the same lot to grow his empire. And he’s not going to let me have it without a fight. He’s also not going to let me go without a kiss. Or a touch. Or a night in his bed. He doesn’t know that I know about his plans to ruin my bakery. He thinks he can charm me into giving up my dreams. He thinks he can seduce me into forgetting his betrayal. But I won’t let him win. The problem is, every time he touches me, I forget why I’m fighting. Every time he kisses me, I forget why I’m angry. Every time he holds me, I forget why I hate him. How can I resist him when he makes me feel desired? How can I trust him when he lies to me every day? How can I want him when he’s my worst enemy? Can I have it all – the bakery, the lot, and the billionaire? Or will I have to choose between my heart and my dreams?

Can a broken-hearted Dom find love? Quinn is about to leave everything behind until he learns Simone is in danger and she doesn’t know it. After losing his chosen brother on his last job, Quinn Walsh is done being a private operative. And his ex gave him enough trouble; he’s done being a Dom. But when he is mistaken for an arsonist for hire, Quinn is pulled right into Simone’s world. Fresh from her disastrous marriage, Simone Roberts isn’t looking for love, and as an up-and-coming interior designer, her plate is full. And she isn’t the type of woman to jump into bed with a stranger even if the stranger is smoking hot, with eyes as deep as the ocean and gives off enough serious Dom vibes to leave her heart racing. Quinn is everything Simone secretly wants, and in Simone, Quinn finds redemption. He doesn’t think he deserves it and still plans on leaving the second he knows she is safe. But if he can accept it, Simone’s love might be the reason Quinn needed to stay.

Jess loves everything about the small town – except the co-worker who is out to get her; her friends like family who can’t keep out of her dating life… or lack thereof; and the hot, older police chief who can’t keep his foot out of his mouth. It’s enough to make her grumpy on the sunniest day. Jason can’t keep his mind from drifting to the woman who has him smiling on the darkest days… and he’s had a few lately. His police force is spread thin searching for an assailant. Every time he tries to ask out the gorgeous, snappy tennis coach, he can’t seem to catch a break. Despite everything against them, in a small town, they can’t avoid each other. When he saves her best friend- Jess can’t deny the impressively, persistent man who makes her dream of a home and a family.

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