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Enemies to lovers? That only happens in romance movies. The gorgeous grump next door is a jerk! Moving back to your home town after living in the big city is tricky. But my grumpy next door neighbor is making things even more difficult. Whatever I do he always seems to be there, towering over me and glowering. He’s hot, bossy and infuriating, but I keep catching him staring at me when he thinks I’m not looking…

Vegas isn’t big enough for both of us. A seasoned pro at getting under the opponent’s skin, Brett Allred will do anything to win. Now the hockey star is gearing up to score a big goal off the ice — but his plans to open a brewery and restaurant are blindsided when he learns about the adult shop next door. Someone’s gotta go, and it won’t be him, because “Showtime” never loses. Brett’s used to getting the star treatment, but McKayla’s not another starstruck puck bunny. She’s a savvy girlboss who won’t back down from a fight — and their back-and-forth banter is a breath of fresh air. If Brett wants to take a shot at McKayla, he’ll have to prove there’s more to Showtime than money and fame. F-boys, you’re officially on notice. As the proud owner of Good Vibes Only, a sex-positive adult boutique, McKayla has made self-empowerment her mission. But her promising business takes a hit when a noisy neighbor moves in next door. McKayla isn’t impressed when she learns her cocky neighbor is actually the leading goal scorer of the Vegas Sin. Sure, Brett’s mega chiseled and infuriatingly attractive — but he doesn’t seem to care that his brewery’s never-ending construction is driving away her customers! Even if she secretly thought (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

I rode a cowboy and cashed in my v-card. What I didn’t count on was a baby coming along for the ride. I just broke up with my crazy unpredictable ex. For my protection I was sent to live with my father’s best friend. Jay Quinn. A sexy ex-Navy SEAL turned Billionaire horse tamer. But that’s not the only thing he’s tamed… It was one night of furious passion and just like that my v-card was gone. We try to pretend it never happened but the chemistry between us is undeniable. I’ve never been one for the outdoors, But this cowboy’s running a rodeo in my mind. As well as my heart and my bed. This is a dangerous game. If my dad ever found out, all hell could break loose. The last thing I expected was to have a baby saddling up inside me…

A practically-virginal law school graduate. Two emotionally-frozen men. One unusual bucket list. When Melissa Winter is dumped by her boyfriend the night before their month-long trip to the islands, she gathers her strength and boards the plane—alone. But when she finds herself without a place to stay, she must rely on the two strangers she met on the flight. Edward Strauss and Jack Jackson have been dancing around their attraction for years. But when the three of them come together, kindness leads to lust. Lust leads to love. A forbidden love that could cost Missy her entire future.

He’s her ex-boyfriend’s dad and she has nothing to lose. For the right bid, she can be his for the night… Aspen: I’m a week away from losing everything if I can’t pay my mom’s medical bills and funeral expenses. I’m so thankful she isn’t around now to see what I’m about to do. I’m about to auction off the last thing of value I have. My V-card. Evan: I’m out celebrating my friend’s divorce when she walks on stage. Aspen, my son’s ex-girlfriend. I can’t take my eyes off her in barely any clothes until it hits me she is auctioning off her v-card. When the guy at the table next to me places his bid I lose it and the next thing I know she’s sitting on my bed waiting for me to make the next move. I bought her v-card but can I actually take it without losing the only family I have left?

A delicious, suspenseful series featuring the Silver Fox Brock Brother Billionaires, their secrets and the smart, sassy women that win their hearts.

4 Stand alone HEA’s with secret pregnancies, silver fox billionaire, brother banter, and the “keep you on your toes” never-ending suspense with their rival and evil half brother Apollo.

1-Knocked Up by a Silver Fox
2-Knocked Up by a Billionaire
3-Kknocked Up by a Doctor
4-Knocked Up by a Rockstar

Emmett: I’m a damn good doctor—and a damn good guy. I learned the hard way that being a good guy all the time can cost you—it nearly cost me everything. Once I see the Sunni Stone, I don’t care what it costs me to have her. She’s as beautiful as the flower she’s named after, but she’s never had a chance to bloom. Sunni: I might seem like an innocent flower but…well, I guess I am. I live for sunny afternoons, walking the dogs I take care of, and admiring the beautiful blooms of spring. When fate puts the same beautiful man in my path more than once, I start to think something may be about to bloom between us.

I’ve lost all hope for love, and my reputation precedes me. But he is desperate for a wife. Is this just an unlikely alliance, or will an arranged marriage with Laird MacCollough change the course of my life? Elayne MacNally’s reputation as the willful harpy of the Highlands precedes her. A silver-eyed beauty born to a powerful laird, she’s accustomed to getting everything she wants, no matter what. When the man she plans to marry rejects her, her father intervenes and forces her to chart a new course in life. But can she find happiness and her heart’s desire on this new path? Handsome and powerful Declan MacCollough has no desire to follow in his father’s footsteps as the Laird of the ill-reputed “Beast Clan”. After his father’s untimely death, he knows he must reclaim the respect his clan has lost and establish his presence. But first, he must find a wife strong enough to face the challenges he knows are coming. Will this willful yet strikingly beautiful woman claim his clan and his heart? Elayne is the perfect companion for Declan’s plan. When they agree to marry, the rules are simple. What’s not so simple is the obstacles they encounter or the fact that their desire for each other grows by the minute. Thrown together by (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Not all beasts are beastly. Though Jude never complains about her daily struggles in Screaming Woods, she’s happy to let her troubles melt away when she travels in her dreams to an Enchanted Kingdom to meet a magical monarch who adores her. The clues add up every morning, making her question if the passionate hours she shares with the affectionate horned king are more than wishes and hopes. Journey with Jude and her son to the world dreams are made of to meet blue King Sargon and discover the magical kingdom most people believe is only found in fantasy.

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