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He’s everything I never wanted, but Mother Nature has forced us together… All I wanted was to escape my past, starting a new life out in Arizona with my dog, Takoda. I was intending to live a life full of adventure, alone… That’s the way I’ve always wanted it. No family, no problems. But then he rolled in with the storm that ruined everything. Now I’m stuck, putting my life in the hands of an insufferable—but sexy, rich cowboy named Wade Littleton. I can’t deny the heat rises faster than the floodwaters between us. His tight, hot body against mine is more electric than the lightening outside. But just when I think I can get out, chalking it up to a fling… Mother Nature strikes again. And this time, the stakes are rising. We’re entangled far deeper than just between the sheets. I don’t know if we’ll make it out—all three of us.

Meg has nothing in common with the laird’s spoiled son — in fact, she doesn’t even like the man very much. But Meg must put those feelings aside whenshe and her family are threatened by the English. And once she’s under Ewan’s care, he becomes a different man altogether, one who excites her more than he should. What’s a lass to do? Soon-to-be Laird Ewan MacLeod has lost his mother’s life, his father’s health, and his childhood to the English. He’s not going to lose Meg, too. She intrigues him in a way he’s never experienced before, and he vows to marry Meg and ensure her safety. Only, his consuming, nearly obsessive desire for Meg isn’t part of his plan. Yet, the traitor in their midst provides the English with the information they need to access to the Highlands in a violent attempt to destroy Clan MacLeod and permit the English to gain the upper hand in the Scottish War of Independence. Then Meg goes missing. And Ewan will stop at nothing to save the woman who changed his life.

My brother’s best friend, an arrogant jerk, is going through a nasty divorce. He needs a nanny, and I need a job. I agreed to help him, but our past made it obvious it was a bad idea. He made fun of me during my awkward teenage years. He was a hot player, and I was well aware of all the heartbreaks he caused. The way he dotes on his daughter made me see through his tough alpha facade. A former Navy SEAL and the owner of an MMA gym for Vets. Ok, I’ll admit that is sexy. I also can’t ignore his piercing blue eyes, dark hair, and muscular body. Everything took a 180 turn when we connected and slept together. I can’t stop thinking about how he grasps and pulls me into him and claims every inch of my body. I know we messed up, and his custody battle can be jeopardized. Not to mention my brother finding out will only make it worse. The only solution would be to get as far away from him as possible. That means I quit the job and never see him again. But I know my alpha warrior does not back down from a fight, especially now that we realize we were meant to be and fell madly in love.

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