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The only way out of my horrible life is to become a mail order bride. But will my new cowboy husband be willing to take a chance on love? Tia: I’m trying to start my life over as someone new. But with no skills or education, my options are pretty limited. Until I see the ad to become a mail order bride. Suddenly, I have hope. Maybe I can escape and live free. The only problem is I’m pretty sure my husband doesn’t like me at all. The more time I spend with him, the more I can’t help falling in love. But will my new cowboy husband break my heart? Ranger: Grandpa was a diehard romantic. The kind of guy who believed in forever and soulmates. Too bad he’s made marriage a condition for inheriting the family ranch. Now I’m stuck with a mail order bride. I didn’t expect my bride to be so young and innocent. I didn’t expect this age gap or the things her curves would do to me. I certainly didn’t expect to be attracted to her. But will a beautiful, curvy woman like Tia be willing to accept a disfigured, grumpy cowboy like me?

If the Chosen One is the good guy, does killing him make me the villain? In a world full of supernatural creatures, being only human is kind of lonely. The closest thing I have to magic is an uncanny ability to tell when someone’s lying… and that’s how I catch the Chosen One cheating. After he tries to silence me, a mysterious dark power bursts out of my body—and it kills the single rarest, most important guy in the world. I want to prove my innocence, go back to my life, but no one would believe me. The entire world hunts me, either because they fear this strange power inside me, or because they want to use me. Everyone except them. A cheeky vampire. A possessive dragon shifter. A softhearted werewolf. They want to protect me, but can we take on the world? Can I get a hang of my powers before we’re arrested or killed? Or are these men going to regret loving the villain?

He swore he’d never forgive her. Until he had to trust her with his life. Reckless. Smart-mouthed. Infuriating. Gorgeous. Isabella Moreno is the enemy. Kellan’s never going to forget how the sexy detective endangered his sister’s life. Not even when he makes a bone-chilling discovery at the scene of a fire and she needs his help to catch a killer. Isabella won’t stop until she gets justice, even if she has to work with Kellan Walker to do it. But the closer she gets to the tall, dark, and scorchingly hot firefighter, the more she wants to sleep with the enemy. But real danger lurks in the shadows. The stakes grow higher. The passion hotter. What started as a case has become everything. And with one wrong step, they could lose it all.

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