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Always a bridesmaid, never the bride…I’ll bang the best man though. I’m a good time girl, with a string of flings behind me. A girl who’s sworn off marriage because I’ve been betrayed before and I won’t risk my heart again. Gabe Walker, though. He’s a problem. He’s been driving me wild for months. What am I gonna do? Offer myself up, like the snack that I am. One intense night with him and I’ll be cured. Only problem… I got more bang for my buck than I ever imagined. Now I want him even more! He melts me with just a look, and his smile… oh boy, that smile. Just when I’m on the brink of surrendering, Gabe gets the shock of his life – a seven-year-old son he never knew existed. It changes everything between us. We aren’t playing around anymore. Gabe wants to build a life with me but I’m afraid to take off the armour. Am I ready to be loved by the hot single dad who sees me for who I really am?

Stephanie Alexander is beyond excited when Argentinian TV soundtrack composer Alejandro Sanchez joins her band. Not only is he drop-dead gorgeous, he offers her a musical opportunity she never dreamed possible. But she must not give in to his attractiveness—she will not risk heartbreak. Alejandro is no stranger to heartbreak and he intends to keep his heart intact. Despite their best intentions, heat flares between Stephanie and Alejandro as they rehearse. Will the passion of their music move each of them on from their pasts? Or is true love out of reach forever?

I’m a self-proclaimed bachelor. I need no one. Until her. When a friend asked me to hire his youngest daughter, I had reservations. Yet, I needed a secretary. So, I said why not. Sometimes being a good guy backfires on you. This is definitely one of those times. Fawn is younger than me—way too young. She’s also a walking fantasy that tortures me daily with images running through my mind of all the dirty things I want to do to her. I need her so much I can taste it. I try to resist, but once I see the hunger in her beautiful eyes, it’s over, just like my bachelor days. She might think I’m playing games. She’s wrong. I’m claiming her as mine… Forever.

He’s a scarred military hero. She’s the young, innocent woman forced to spend a night in his cabin… My unit came back to Wild Heart Mountain to heal and to hide. I’ve been doing a lot of hiding until I meet Hailey. I’m scarred, I’m damaged, and I’m way too old for her. But the curvy and quirky Hailey makes me feel alive. She brings hope and joy back to my life. I faced the enemy in Iraq, but it’s nothing compared to the vulnerability I feel when Hailey holds my heart in her hands. Can she see past the scars, the limp, and the age gap, or was it pity that brought her to my bed?

“She wants to cross my bridge… but not if I claim her first.” I used to have much more important things to protect, but now after sipping a strange drink at a party, I’m merely an ice troll guarding a frozen bridge. It’s not much, but it’s my duty. When I catch three thieves attempting to cross my bridge without paying the tax, they sacrifice one of their own to get away. The frightened but brave woman has never seen anything like me before. She doesn’t know what kind of monsters wait for her beyond the bridge in Screaming Woods. When she insists on going to the town anyway, I have no choice but to hold her captive with me. It’s for her own safety after all… and not because she’s melting my cold heart.

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