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She wanted to bring honor back to her family’s name and to save her people… Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan… When Jaiya takes her twin brother’s place on a diplomatic mission to end a war that’s been raging since her childhood, she discovers how it all really began. Disguised as a young male diplomat, Jaiya meets Prince Idris—her greatest rival in their space battles—his royal assistant, Erlyn—who never leaves his side—and is assigned to be guarded by Raizxl—who blames humans for losing his mate. If she cannot convince her people and the enemy to put aside their differences and choose peace instead of war, she risks returning as a traitor to her race instead of as a hero. The longer she’s in their presence, the more she feels at home amongst those in their space station. Determined to save their people at any cost, something about them calls to her—and she does not know why. When they discover the truth, will they be able to get past her betrayal to work toward peace? Or will it only add fuel to the fires of war? 

Time is running out for Finley Creek and for Rosie. Tension in the pack is coming to a head quickly as Mayor Rowan North struggles to hunt down the rogues and the leader of the uprising. Pack is turning on pack. Secrets are finally coming to light and no one can be trusted. It’s only a matter of time before the rift turns into an all-out territory war. With the strain of the pack falling apart, Rosie and Rowan’s relationship is tested. They have to accept each other as mates by the solstice or they lose each other forever. However, new obstacles keep cropping up as secrets and lies try to force them apart. A ghost from Rosie’s past. Rowan’s aloof and traumatized son. A stalker out for blood. The town going up in flames. Can they navigate it all and come out the other side together? Or will they lose one another forever? It’s the darkest hour of the darkest night and everything is on the line. Can Rosie overcome her trauma and be the salvation Rowan and all of Finley needs? One thing’s for certain, they’re on a tight deadline and they’re Burning Moonlight.

Nixon Scott’s dream of playing professional football had finally come true. His focus needed to be on making the most of his rookie season. But then he met Ember Walsh. All it took was one look for Nixon to know Ember was meant to be his, but the timing was all wrong. She was also off-limits. Falling for his sister’s best friend wasn’t the right move. But when she was set up with one of his teammates, Nixon had no choice but to intercept Ember and lay claim to his woman.

It’s Addy’s first Christmas without her mom, and she plans to spend it at her grandpa’s. When he gets called away suddenly for a last-minute hunting competition, she’s left at his farm all alone. It doesn’t take long for things to go sideways as wolves appear on her land, dead deer are left on her front yard, and three young men are trying to show her how to celebrate Christmas after she spent all year trying to forget. Addy’s running a tough balancing act as she tries to grieve for her mom, take care of the livestock, keep up with town drama, and figure out what these hot men really mean to her. They say they’re fated to know her, but Addy isn’t sure what to believe as the secrets and lies start piling up. Snow’s coming down hard as the solstice approaches, and only one thing’s for sure… Baby, it’s wolfy outside.

Welcome to Lake Lorelei, a small town nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Fall in love with its eclectic band of residents and savor the swoony, sizzling chemistry with these closed door romantic comedies! Sweet Summer Nights, The Sweet Spot, & When Sparks Fly.

Sweet Summer Nights: I friend-zoned Wyatt Hogan years ago…But this Fourth of July brings fireworks! It’s been a few years since I left my hometown, but somehow Lake Lorelei and my closest friend Wyatt have become even more gorgeous. But, he’s a fireman now?! That’s going to come in handy with all the sparks flying between us. Wait…It’s Wyatt. There are good reasons we’ve kept love off the table. Life has served up some big decisions, and I have enough on my plate without getting side-tracked by a trusty hunk of a man who I’d let put out my fire anytime he likes – if you know what I mean. I can’t be the ridiculous girl who falls in love with her best friend….right?

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He’s dark, commanding, and the most desirable older man I’ve ever met. In fact my mysterious bidder had me wanting to do things I’d never admit. And I did them willingly, secure in the thought I’d never see him again. Boy was I wrong. “Good morning! Welcome to CyberFort Security. The CEO will be here to greet you shortly.” A few moments pass before a familiar baritone voice has me praying last night was only a dream. “Ms. Foster?” I’m now standing face to face with my bidder! My body immediately tenses up. He clenches his jaw in frustration. If there’s one thing I know about this man NOTHING is more important to him than control. A man that’s known to run his company with a hard hand and questionable ethics. And I’ve just unintentionally thrown the billionaire CEO of Cyberfort for a godd*mn loop.

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